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Clinique Chubby Baby Tint & Chubby Balm Cheeks
I've been an avid Chubby Stick lover ever since the very first regular ones launched – thanks Leandra Medine & P'trique for the pleasant discovery. Not sure what I'm talking about? Click here. When the Chubbies for eyes and the intense Chubbies launched, I played a little guessing game about which other chubbies Clinique has planned - I'm definitely betting on foundation & concealer chubbies. I'm sure there's a 5 year plan for these nifty things, and this month it's time for the roll-out of two newbies to the family: Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm and the Chubby Stick Baby Tint. Welcome to the party!

Clinique Chubby Baby Tint & Chubby Balm Cheeks
So you want a blusher that's easy to apply? Check. That looks natural? Double check. Without glitter? Triple check. I was really hoping these Chubby Cheeks would turn out great, and thank goodness they have. There's a great natural shade range that'll suit most skin tones, the cream formula blends really well without moving your foundation around and the result is beautiful. I apply the Chubby Cheek straight from the pencil onto my cheeks and then blend it in with a small stippling brush (this one is by Zoeva), although you could also use your fingers to blend this out. I got Robust Rhubarb to try out, a very pretty coral that brings really brings some life to your cheeks. This super natural flush lasts all day on me, fading a little towards the early evening.

Clinique Chubby Baby Tint Chubby Balm Cheeks
The Chubby Babies are a lighter version of the regular Chubbies that are supposed to accentuate the colours of your own lips – which pretty much translates into less colour in general. I have quite pale lips which makes it easy to detect colour on them, but I can imagine that all of these new chubbies show up the same when you have darker or more pigmented lips. Coming Up Rosy looks like a darker pink in the bullet, but on my lips it translates to a soft pink. Definitely moisturising and easy to apply without a mirror, this is another Chubby that works its best magic sitting in your daily makeup pouch.

The Chubby Stick Baby Tints are available in Belgium only through the website and retail for €20.70/£17.00. The Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balms are available online and at all beauty counters that sell Clinique and retail for €25.89/£19.00. On my wishlist? The Chubby Cheek in Amp'd Up Apple. It just looks too pretty!

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