Reinventing Dior 5 Couleurs for Autumn

Dior Autumn Fall 2014 5 Couleurs
Loads of exciting things happened this Autumn - I'm having a hard time deciding what to talk about first. But decisions need to be made & up for drooling today is Dior's reinvention of their 5 Couleurs palette. While these eyeshadow palettes have been around for a good while (since my birth year 1987 to be exact!), they've now been repackaged and reformulated. Think better pigmentation, lasting power and a variety of different finishes ranging from matte to frosty - they've been adapted to suit the modern girl's needs. Each palette is designed to contain at least two looks: a daily look with the top two shades & the center shade, and an evening look with the bottom two shades and the center shade. I'll admit to not having really been a Dior eyeshadow girl as these are the first Dior quints that I own, but I'm keen to discover, obvs. There are twelve of these that are launching this month, and I've got three to show you: Bar, Femme-Fleur & Cuir Cannage. Let's get to it!

Dior Autumn Makeup 2014 Bar Swatches
Bar is a cool toned all-rounder palette that'll be the perfect accessory for any girl who loves to sport these kinds of cool-toned eyeshadows. The quint contains a greyish taupe colour, an icy white shimmery shade, a shimmery neutral taupe colour, another white shade with hints of cool pink and an almost black brown. This is definitely one of those perfect classic smokey eye palettes. Personal preference I would have loved to have seen just one of the pale shimmery shades with an added warmer taupe shade, I don't find the pink & white pale shade to show much difference on my skin. There's also a nail polish with the name Bar released along with these - a pretty deep black shade with super tiny shimmers inside. A kick-ass combo!

Dior Autumn Makeup 2014 Femme-Fleur Swatches
Femme-Fleur is a whole other story with quite shimmery taupe & purple-toned shades. The two lightest colours are pretty similar, although the first one is a bit less pink with more shimmer. This is a great highlighting shade. The middle shade is a beautiful taupe shade which is definitely straight up my alley, while the lower left shade is a cool purple that although being a great fit for this palette I'll admit isn't really my cup of tea. The last shade seals the deal for me as it's the perfect deep brownish plummy shade. I think I'll just leave out the purple shade when using this one - I look really forward to creating something pretty with this!

Dior Autumn Makeup 2014 Cuir Cannage Swatches
Cuir Cannage is my favourite out of these three with five of the most gorgeous shades. This quint contains a beautiful deep warm brown, a frosty beige shade to highlight, a pretty much matte mid brown shade, a shimmery copper brown shade and a deep blackened brown with a satin finish. As I pretty much am in love with these kinds of warm-toned brownish palettes, so I've worn it already and I can divulge that I'm a fan. Just look at that first shade.. So. Beautiful!

Consider this a bit of  preview article, as one or more articles featuring a full look with these palettes are coming your way soon! These new 5 Couleurs palettes are available now retail for €60.00/£42.00/$60.00. Special thanks to Dior.

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