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A little while ago I was invited to a dinner event with The Body Shop (read all about that here), which ended up being a delicious Moroccan cooking workshop. When going home we all received this super cool tote bag with the company's mantra printed on it – body loving, bubble bathing, rule breaking, never faking, cruelty banning, life changing – and some new products inside, as well as a little card asking us to share our top The Body Shop picks on Instagram. I'm a big fan of The Body Shop and their company ethics & have quite some favourites, so this definitely deserves a blog post of its own..

First up is the Christmas edition Eye Palette in Smokey Plum. These types of quads are released every Christmas and last year they added this plummy one to the line-up. They are amazingly pigmented, blend well and have a good deal of lasting power too. Next are their Hand Creams, which I was just recently introduced to but have found their way into my handbag already. They're quite creamy so moisturise well, but sink in quickly enough so there's no tacky residue feeling going on. My favourite scent is the one with honey, although probably everything chez The Body Shop that comes in a honey scent would get my preference. Another favourite of mine are the Body Butters, preferably in warm scents rather than fruity or sweet ones. My favourite would be the honey one as expected, but I haven't repurchased it yet as I stocked up on some Christmas ones during the sales. I really love the ginger scented one. These are very buttery (well, duh) and I love using these on my legs which can be quite dry – after using these they'll still feel all moisturised in the evening after a long day of running around in tight jeans. I also really like the Shower Gels, although my favourite with cucumber & mint has sadly been discontinued. I always try and stock up on the Christmas scents during the sales in January. The last body product I want to recommend is the Honeymania Body Scrub. Not all scrubs by The Body Shop are awesome – some can be way too runny and make a huge mess in the shower – but this one is perfect. It's a thick paste with gentle scrubbing grains and smells oh-so-good. My favourite hair product would definitely be the Banana Conditioner. While I am not a fan of banana scented beauty products at all, I'm willing to make an exception for this great conditioner which is the perfect treat for hair that just needs a break from excessive hair product layering. It's quite natural and light and contains no silicones and other nasties that can get your hair down sometimes, but still works its conditioning goodness on your locks.  Last up is a skin care product I've grown to love over the past few months: the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. I use this one on its own in the evening which is more than enough - it's a great treatment and moisturiser all in one.

I'm keen to discover even more of their products; especially their skin care range which I haven't really ventured into. I am waiting to finish my DHC cleansing oil in order to try out the Camomile cleansing oil by The Body Shop, but I heard great things about the Vitamin E range as well. I was tackling the high street today and I noticed that there's a new promo going on with The Body Shop which gives you 25% off when buying two skin care products. Sounds like the perfect time to stock up!

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