Nude & Black Autumn Nails

Autumn 2014 nail polishes trend
Confession: I'm not always up-to-date on what the current make-up trends are. I try my best to catch up on runway trends on the ELLE and Vogue websites, but usually I just like to check out the Fall beauty collections as they launch to view what's up. During the fashion weeks there's also a good amount of attention for the manicures of the models, and it's always fun to find some inspiration for new mani's on the catwalk. For Fall/Winter 2014 there was mostly an emphasis on nudes and blackened or very dark colours, and judging the collections that have been rolling out the past few weeks it's safe to say that the runway trend translated to the collections on the shelves; both nudes & black are definitely back.

My hands have been undergoing a little nail polish detox the past few weeks after painfully tearing a nail, so I've just been staring at the new polishes waiting until my nail is finally long and healthy enough to use & photograph them. During the fun staring part I noticed that most of these shades are either nudes or blacks - two types of nail polish shades that I find extremely elegant. The nude shades will elongate your fingers, while the black shades are edgy but sophisticated at the same time. When I was 14 and going through my first "I only want to wear black"-phase (which later changed into neon for a while, while now most of my closet is black again), I swore by black nail polish. The only difference with then & now is that I've come to understand that black nails are only okay if they're kept well. That's the thing with wearing black nail polish: once it's chipped, you really need to take it off. Nude nails are a little more forgiving, although I've really been trying to make a habit out of removing polishes whenever they're chipped too badly. Although I'll admit that I can be a little lazy at times.. this plan doesn't always work out.

In the picture, from top to bottom & left to right, you see: &Other Stories nail colour in Vicuna Beige, Dior Vernis in Lili, Chanel Le Vernis in Secret, Rimmel 60 Seconds in Let's Get Nude, Dior Vernis in Bar, &Other Stories nail colour in Tussah Ebony, ProNails nail polish in Noir de Noir and Lancôme Vernis in Love in Tourmaline Noire. I'll be trying all of these when my nails are out of rehab (please, nail: grow fast) & will report back on my favourite ones!

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