Rave: The New Dior Star Foundation

Dior Skin Star Foundation
Stop the presses! Or ehm, your RSS readers.. and behold: a new foundation that I've been using and seriously loving for the past few weeks. I'm crazy about base products and seriously own too many as it is already, but this one.. It's quite special. I've already had a colleague specifically ask me which foundation I've been using because she thought I just looked so radiant. When that happens you know you've hit the foundation jackpot - ding ding ding. Meet the new Diorskin Star Studio foundation - a semi-matte, medium to high coverage liquid foundation that somehow still feels lightweight.

Dior Skin Star Foundation

The thing with these lightweight foundations is that mostly they have a watery consistency and for some reason that type of thing just does not cooperate on my skin and clings on to dry patches on my skin that I never even knew existed. This formula is definitely not the same - I'm lost for comparison, but I'd say it feels thinner than the usual liquid foundation and sets pretty quickly too. I use about three pumps for my whole face, and that includes building up coverage on my cheeks and chin to cover up most acne scars. I tried several ways of applying this: with a flat foundation brush, a buffing brush & a wet sponge. I definitely like using this with my Sigma F80 the most - it buffs in the foundation beautifully and quickly.

Dior Skin Star Foundation

The result is pretty much matte but still luminous - it's a little weird to describe. I was initially worried about the formula being too drying for my skin, but I quickly found out that the foundation is actually "on its best" after a few hours. It settles into the skin beautifully and controls oil production, but not too much. That's why when using this foundation I powder very minimally in the morning, and powder off a bit more heavily on shiny areas in the afternoon. My only complaint might be how it can look a little dry around the nostrils - this is a bit of a problem area with many foundations for me. I mostly try and fix this by using a good moisturising primer right before foundation application. There's also a Diorskin Star concealer which is equally awesome - it conceals like a boss and doesn't look the slightest bit caky or drying. Expect a separate demo soon!

Diorskin Star Studio foundation (courtesy of Dior), retails for €51,09/£32.00 and comes in a whopping 12 shades in Belgium. I use shade 010 which is perfect for very pale chicks like me, but darker skinned ladies will be very happy to know that there should be a suitable shade match for them as well. Because there's nothing worse than reading raves about a product that only comes in four shades.. Right?

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