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Uzuma Raw Juices
While I'm definitely not obsessed with being healthy, I do tend to lean towards healthy and clean eating and drinking. Of course we'll have to take coffee and brioches out of the equation, but all things considered I think I'm being pretty good for my body. I love eating vegetables each and every day (the more, the better), drink at least 2 liters of water a day and just don't really like soft drinks all that much. I also drink 500ml of fresh fruit juice every single day - mostly orange juice with added strawberry or kiwi. And I really try not to forget my vitamin and mineral supplements in the morning.. About a year ago I noticed a lot of people I know or follow try out raw veggie juices, mostly during a detox of a couple of days. So when the opportunity came up to try some raw juices myself.. I totally went for it. I knew that this was either the start of something really dreadful, or something really good.

Uzuma Raw Juices
Uzuma is a cool Holland based brand that offers seven kinds of slow raw juices. Slow juice is basically pressed raw fruits and vegetables that aren't heated or pasteurised - the best possible way to juice as it loses the least nutrients and vitamins. Every Uzuma juice contains 250ml, which is derived from over 1 kilogram of veggies and fruits. To ensure that all of the goodness from these stay inside the juice, the bottles are shock-frozen to lock in all the nutrients. I received all of my juices in a big insulated box with cooling gel packs - I was amazed at how well these traveled! It took about a day to defrost them all, and I will admit that they took up half of my tiny fridge.. There was no denying them. Some taste quite fruity, some very veggie. And there wasn't one of them that grossed me out - even the ones with cabbage tasted not too bad.

I knew in advance that I didn't want to do a full cleanse . I didn't want to do that to myself, my boyfriend or my colleagues. I did want to reduce my regular meals in size, with added juices throughout the day. The plan? Fruit juice early in the morning, veggie juice at 11AM, lunch around 1PM, second veggie juice around 3PM, another juice at 5PM and finally dinner around 8PM. That's my own perfect regimen I figured out on my own, but Uzuma also provides charts with different kinds of juice regimens you can follow according to your expectations (see example of the programme Steady in the picture above). As I also drank these juices at the office I did a little tasting session with some colleagues and gathered their thoughts. The fruitier juices were the most popular ones - these are made with carrots and added fruits and are truly yummy indeed. My favourite one of these is definitely the Shine juice which is made with carrots, cantaloupe, mango and oranges. The juices with more veg were a bit less popular, although everyone agreed that they tasted far better than they initially expected. My favourite one of these is the Vibe juice, containing basil, celery, carrot, beetroot and orange. My least favourite juice is the Aura juice - it does taste alright, but because of the large amount of shrub celery there's a lot of residue in this juice which made it sometimes hard to swallow. As a little extra test I tried half a day of juices only and I must say that I did feel different. A bit woozy and with some minor head ache, I was glad to eat something regular in the afternoon. I'm a total detox wuss - I know.

My final opinion in short? I'd definitely get these again, but I'd mix and match my own selection and buy less at a time. After arrival you can mostly keep juices around three weeks in your fridge - the date is always well indicated on the cap of each bottle. It can be hard introducing these into your life, but your body is worth looking after and it felt really good and healthy to drink several of these a day. Each bottle of juice goes for €3.50, but you can also buy complete regimens for fixed prices. Shipping is completely free and top-notch - the service is truly wonderful. Thanks Uzuma for the trial!

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