Sunday Favourites #1

Sunday Favourites #1
Time for something new! I used to do monthly favourite posts featuring five products, but I stopped doing them as I always had a hard time choosing just five things and felt like favourites change week by week, not month by month. I've decided to revisit the favourites thing, but do them every week and not limit myself to beauty products. There'll be seven things featured every week - one for every day of the week. In the beginning of this week I felt a little bit under the weather, but the second half was pretty busy and fun. Weather-wise it feels like Belgium is going a little crazy - one day it'll be super sunny out, while the next it'll be raining and super cold. Somewhere stuck in between feeling like it's still Summer and being way too excited for Christmas, I feel like my picks are quite Autumny this week. And nope, I still haven't caved in to the Halloween thing..

#1.. I've been introduced to Burberry's Fresh Glow Nude Radiance Nude Fluid Base not too long ago and I've really been liking it this week. Feeling a bit under the weather usually makes for dull skin, so this luminous primer was a blessing to perk things up a little. There's a multitude of ways to use this in your daily routine, but I've loved applying it under my foundation. It's moisturising and gentle, and adds a gorgeous radiant glow to your skin.

#2.. I bought the Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash a week or three ago after a get-together evening my local Kiehl's store had organised and I've been very happy I did! I'm a little afraid of foaming cleansers usually as they tend to dry out my skin, but I was promised this one would be different and I'm glad it turns out that it is! My chin area has been a little inflamed the past week & I find this cleanser to be very gentle and calming.

#3.. My favourite eye look has been pretty simple: I apply the MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Groundwork on my lid and a little above the crease and blend it out well, and then apply the bottom left colour of the Dior 5 Couleurs in Cuir Cannage (find swatches of that one here) on top of it. It's very bronzy and perfect for the season, while also lasting all day through without creasing.

#4.. This week I've been wearing Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau De Toilette a lot - it's a very musky, elegant & feminine scent that is perfect for daytime wear and makes you feel on top of the world. It reminds me of Estée Lauder's Modern Muse, although the Narciso scent has been around for ten years longer. Doesn't last all day so re-application in the afternoon is needed, but nonetheless this is a gorgeous scent that begs to be worn.

#5.. I've also rediscovered the MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Concealer, which is super moisturising, gives decent coverage and is really one of the best choices to use under the eyes - especially when your skin is having a little diva moment during this transition weather.

#6.. I've also been snacking a whole lot lately (oops..) and have these yummy Autumn chocolate treats to thank for it. Bought a first bag of these at La Place during a small shopping trip to The Netherlands last month, but discovered a dried fruits & nuts shop here that also stocks these. They're filled with hazelnut praliné and are just too yum for words.

#7.. Lastly I've really been upping my game when it comes to tea and have stocked up on some great organic brands in our local bio shop. I've been smitten with Pukka, Yogi Tea & Clipper specifically - as I'm typing this I'm enjoying a cup of Clipper Organic Lemon & Ginger Infusion. For nighttime I've been enjoying the wide range of teas with added Valerian root which really helps me get sleepy in the evenings.  Extra points go to Yogi Tea for adding inspirational quotes to every single label on the tea sachets. I'm off to make myself another cup of tea now..

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