Empties #2

Empties #2
Earlier this year I got some requests for doing posts again showing my used-up products (dubbed empties). I've done this before, but they can look a little messy and it's always a lot to go over. I'm a big fan of these kinds of posts myself however, so I started collecting empties again. I should've published this one a lot sooner since these pictures date August 31st and I have a new bag with empties ready as we speak. I'm not going over all of the products pictured (that would be too much), but if you see anything I didn't address that you'd like to know my opinion of, feel free to ask. This is what I used up this late Spring and Summer, let's get to it because it's a lot!

Empties #2
Klorane Dry Shampoo: Two bottles of this one – I really like this dry shampoo! Definitely the best dry shampoo you can find at the pharmacy, although agreed it can be a little pricey in comparison with drugstore brands. Leaves almost no white residue, tackles third day hair like a charm and doesn't itch like some other brands do.
Garnier Ultra Doux dry shampoo: So yep, I do use a lot of dry shampoos.. I really liked this one at first – mostly because of the delicious scent and invisible formula. It seems quite perfect in second day hair, but.. this just won't deal with third day greasiness. Something to take not of..
Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner: I love the sample sized hair masks and conditioners at Kiehl's. They're a great size to travel with, and allow you to test it thoroughly before buying a full size. This one is great – moisturizes my hair beautifully and leaves it tangle free, shiny and soft. Already re-purchased!

Kiehl's 'Actively Correcting & Beautifying' BB Cream: I like the texture and coverage of this BB cream and especially the high SPF (factor 50) that makes this one ideal to use during Summer. The shade range has just been doubled so there's a good chance you will find a match – I used the lightest shade which was a good match with my Summer skin tone. All's good with this one as long as you powder it off a little – except for that one time when I accidentally got too close to my eyes when tackling the under eye area. It stings! So be careful. Review here.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: This one is a true drugstore beauty. this one is my third bottle, so I'm on my fourth now. Perfect medium coverage with a healthy finish that is not too matte & not too dewy. Stays put, stays beautiful. Highly recommended! Review here.
MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF35: Oh how I used to adore this concealer! I went through a few of these in my early makeup days - I used it on every spot and also to camouflage dark circles. I was pretty hardcore, I know. I've now switched to more liquid formulas, but this still has a special place in my makeup heart.

Sanex Natur Protect Deodorants: These are my very favourite deodorants! I have been buying this the past two years and rarely change brands – I only do so for testing purposes, and not a lot of them make the cut..
Le Petit Marseillas Nutrition Intense Beurre d'Argan: I really like the Petit Marseillas shower gels, I've tried many of them before - they have a range of great scents and aren't too harsh for the skin. I have a few more scents waiting in my cabinet & will definitely repurchase when I run out.
Cottage au Monoï Shower Gel/Oil: I bought this on holiday in the South of France and it's not everywhere to be found in Belgium. It reminds me of Summer and quality time with my family & I'll definitely repurchase next time I come across this one! It's super soft for the skin & just smells so divine.
Weleda Seabuckthorn Shower Gel: I always seem to skip Weleda in the supermarket when browsing for shower stuff, so I'm glad they sent me two products to try out. I fell in love! The scent of this one is very powerful and uplifting (orange, mandarin & grapefruit), while the formula is foamy but still nourishing. Will definitely repurchase!
Weleda Birch Shower Peeling: Same story as the previous product. This is a very gentle exfoliating shower gel with a great uplifting scent – while I usually ignore these kinds of scrubby shower gels, this one ran out in no time. Using shower gels like these keep your body super soft, while not being too harsh on it. Will repurchase without a doubt.
L'Occitane Ultra Soft Cream Rose Heart: This one was just DIVINE - one of the best body creams I've ever tried. The texture is silky and soft, and the scent is gorgeous! I will repurchase the whipped version with the same scent to see which version I prefer - but either way it's definitely a product that'll end up in my cabinet over and over again. Review here.
Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Body Lotion: Very handy packaging as it comes with a pump that is just easy to use during mornings you really want to be quick. Absorbed into the skin easily and quickly, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth all day through. I'm not a believer in firming skin with body lotions (it takes diet & sports), but aside from that this is still a good product. Definitely a decent budget moisturiser for daily use!

Sampar So Much To Dew: A great overnight mask to plump your skin, although it is a bit sticky so I advise to apply it half an hour before going to bed. Although I liked it, I don't think I'll repurchase as I prefer overnight masks that sink into the skin a little better to avoid sticky situations.
Eau Précieuse Lotion: This is such a great product! I read about this on multiple blogs before finally coming across it in a pharmacy, and haven't looked back since. This toner is great for problem skin with imperfections, containing salicylic acid and boric acid to tackle impurities. Have repurchased and will continue to do so in the future!
Garnier Micellar Water: A great (and cheaper) replacement for Bioderma Micellar Water, I find them to be exactly the same in terms of results and soft feeling on the skin. I use this to remove most of my makeup (including eyes) before double cleansing. Review & comparison here.
Bioderma Micellar Water: Love this stuff and have probably used around ten bottles since discovering it, but it's so sad that this is a good bit more expensive in Belgium than in France. Whenever I'm in France I like to stock up in small and affordable pharmacies, but when I ran out in Belgium I switched over to Garnier for a gentler price for the same results. Review & comparison here.
Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum: One of my favourite serums to use, this one replenishes thirty skin in no time. Caudalie is a great brand that uses the power of grapes, and this is definitely one of there star products. I've already repurchased this once, and will do so again. Review here.
LUSH BB Seaweed mask: I don't usually buy LUSH face masks because you can't keep them for too long & I have some great other masks at home. No need to purchase what you don't need.. But when I went in with enough empties to receive a free face mask, I had to browse the mask section and couldn't pick. They all looked great! I went for the BB Seaweed mask because it's nourishing and soothing - I really wanted my first try-out to be a nice and relaxing pampering mask (and let's be honest, clay masks aren't in that category). Definitely a great first encounter - will try more.
Filorga Time Filler Eyes: This has probably been my favourite eye product in a long while - I am testing out something else as we speak and it definitely doesn't reach the standard of this one. It is a bit pricey, but it contains 15 ml which lasts a long time since you don't need to use much. Will buy this one again when there's a promotion going on at my local pharmacy. Review here.
Chanel La Nuit: I got this one gifted by Chanel in a sample size try-out set, so I incorporated all three of the products in my skin care regimen. This one is a great all-rounder nighttime serum that compliments the other serums in this range. I do have other more targeted night serums that I prefer using though, so this one won't be repurchased. Review here.
Chanel Le Jour: Part of the same set, this is the serum to layer under your daily moisturiser. I really liked this one as the active ingredients (Grasse Jasmine extract & salicylic acid) seem to deliver good & visible results for me. I still have a few serums in my cabinet that I use in the morning, but when those are finished I might repurchase Le Jour during a promotion. Review here.

Lily Flame candles in Winter Garland & Dolly Rocker: As you know I am a huge candle lover and these definitely make the cut of my favourite candle brands. I only have the scent Powder Puff left 'in stock', but I will definitely stock up on a few when I spy a promotion on these! Review here.

Hope you found this one useful! I'm never sure about doing these posts as they can get quite bulky and messy, but I know a lot of you really like these so I will try and stick to doing them once every few months! Enjoy your Sundays..

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