Sunday Favourites #2

Sunday Favourites #2
Better late than never.. But still pleased to say that I didn't find it too difficult to list my seven weekly favourites this week. It was a bit of a weird week as we've switched to Winter time here, which means it's already dark around 6pm. It takes some getting used to and leaves me to wonder where the Summer with its warm long evenings has gone. It passed by so quickly! Even though it gets dark so early already, I started running again this week with a special programme to get back into shape & it's been making me feel great. Even though I'm tired at night after a long day of work, it's so rewarding to push yourself to get into those workout clothes and do the workout you planned to do. With a hot rewarding bath afterwards, and zero guilt feeling when munching one too many chocolates..

#1.. I finally ordered my Nike Roshe Run sneakers with the voucher my friends gave me for my birthday, along with some running gear. I am in love with these new sneakers - the black and white floral print is quite unique and these are perfect to wear under black skinny jeans, either with a casual t-shirt for casual daily wear or a blouse to dress it up. I found these on the webshop in the men's department, but it looks like they'll also be launching in some stores from the end of this month on.

 #2.. Pleasantly surprised by and curious about Ruth Crilly's new range of COLAB dry shampoo, I picked up two during a recent FeelUnique haul. The formula promises to be invisible and refreshing, leaving your hair smelling great. Even though I do sometimes spot a tiny bit of white colouring when spraying it onto the roots of my hair, it disappears instantly when massaging it in and leaves none of that chalky, dusty residue that we all hate. My hair smells great, looks fresh without a trace of greasiness and still has a healthy shine to it. Perfect for second day touch-ups, and also third day emergencies. I bought these in the scents London and Tokyo - both are very decent grown-up fragrances, as opposed to the usual candy like scent some dry shampoos feature.

#3..  I hate when I need to rush through a morning right when I really, really need to wash my hair (we're talking fourth day with heaps of oil as an overnight treatment..), because styling it properly does take quite a while. This is where Matrix Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil comes in, as it speeds up the drying process while also making your hair super soft . I spray it into the palms of my hands (don't spray it directly on your hair, it dispenses too much product) and then apply it evenly throughout my hair, avoiding the roots. I was quite late one morning this week and still managed to leave on time thanks to this little gem which gained me at least five minutes of precious time.

#4.. When sorting out the kitchen drawer I rediscovered these little birds that you can stick to your champagne or cocktail glasses during a house party, so everyone has its own colour and no one mistakenly drinks from someone else's glass. I stick them to our cooker hood when not using them and it just looks so cute!

#5.. I have never been a bath enthousiast, but recently I've really started to enjoy it. I pour myself a bath a couple of times a week and take my time to properly relax while watching YouTube videos or Netflix. During a visit to Lush last week I bought an Amandopondo bubble bar which smells like rose and makes lots and lots of bubbles. I only used only a fifth of this bubble bar (being stingy here, I know), which is already enough for one bath in my opinion. I'm definitely going to purchase some more bubble bars during my next visit to London as it's quite a bit cheaper there - I am hooked!

#6.. This week I've been wearing the Burberry Lip Mist in Pink Heather a lot. It's a beautiful nude pink that goes beautifully with my pale skin & absolutely perfect for daytime wear. The Lip Mist formula is very balmy and moisturising, and lasts about three hours on the lips if I'm not eating anything. An article about the Burberry lipstick formulas is following this week, so stay tuned to see this one in action!

#7.. I am currently using the My Asics running app to reach my 5km goal. It's not as spiffy as other apps, but it does map out a perfect training schedule for you and reminds you of your running days, while tracking your pace and progress. I might compare with another running app after reaching my 5km goal, but for the moment I am happy with my schedule (I run three days a week) and feel like it's doing its job.

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