Sunday Favourites #3

Sunday Favourites #3
I'm back to dish about some of my favourites from this past week. I skipped last week's favourites post as I urgently wanted to tell you about the greatness of Burberry lippies (read all about that here), but this week I insisted on doing the favourites thing again because I've had a great week. I had a week off and filled it with long Autumn walks, family time, girlfriend brunches and.. Disneyland Paris! As I'm typing this I'm feeling not too well with a woozy headache, a bad cough and a painful chest - but looking back at the past week makes me feel all warm and fuzzy again.

#1.. The Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake 3-Wick Candle I hauled in Rotterdam a couple of weeks ago. It's one of the best (if not THE best) candles I have at home at the moment and I really have to restrain myself and not light it every single evening. The scent is very suitable for this time of the year & the throw is very powerful and long-lasting. It's the perfect candle! 

#2.. Rituals has recently launched a collection of new lip products of which I got to try a few, and I've really been loving the Lip Service balm. As you know I have quite dry and chapped lips during the colder months, so I really need to treat them well. This balm contains almond oil, shea butter and bee wax and feels very moisturising and nourishing. Reapplication is only needed after a meal or hot drink, so if you're going for a long walk this is definitely the one to use! I love the packaging these come in too, so stay tuned for a full article on this new range. 

#3.. Le Blanc de Chanel is a cult product with good reasons - it's a true miracle worker. I think everyone uses these types of base products in different ways, to enhance or disguise little traits of the skin you wish to emphasise or cover. I have this weird flaky problem area around my nose that is often emphasised when using foundation. During the colder months this problem gets even worse and I find it very difficult to find something that'll actually relieve this problem. Le Blanc does exactly that: I apply it on my nose and cheeks, which not only gives a gorgeous glow and radiance to this key area, but also relieves most of the flakiness around my nose. This is basically good skin in a bottle. 

#4.. You know how I'm a little obsessed with soul food (yep, guilty!) and nothing beats a slice of raisin brioche with Nutella. I'd eat this for breakfast every single day if it weren't for my decision to eat much cleaner and healthier. This is one of those treats for days where I just don't feel that well and need a pick-me-up in the morning - kinda like a Starbucks latte when I miss my commute train. Nutella is offering personalised labels for the 1kg jars in stores as we speak, and from next week on there'll be an app on their Facebook page which will allow you to make your own label. I had this one arrive on my doorstep two weeks ago - nothing beats a delivery of personalised hazelnut spread! And yep, as you can see I've been munching a lot of it.. but in my defence I did have a week off so I was allowed to go all out with all sorts of indulgencies and goodness.. 

#5.. Tsum Tsums! You saw my first little piglet Tsum Tsum I bought back in May in Japan here already, but now these are conquering the Disney parks as well. My friend Amaury brought me back Miss Bunny last month after her Disneyland trip, and I got myself Marie and Scrump to join my little collection. Tsum actually means 'stacking' in Japanese, so I'm secretly already impatient for the next opportunity to get myself some others to be able to have a full-on Tsum Tsum stack at home!

#6.. Check out the adorable Instax polaroid pics we took at the Disneyland parks. Some of them were a little over-exposed because I dropped our Instax when opening our suitcase, so we had to open the back and reposition the film. I was afraid it had broken (I bought this for my boyfriend as a birthday present 3 years ago), but luckily it survived the journey from the suitcase to the floor. We got some overexposed pictures with funky colours in return, which we actually really like! 

#7.. The black fluffy cushion cover I used as background here. I bought it at H&M Home in Rotterdam and it's just SO soft! You can find the one I bought here - I hope to be able to find some other festive Wintery covers during my short trip to London next week. 

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