Clinique The Nutcracker, Act II

Clinique The Nutcracker, Act II
Consider this the last Holiday collection post. I got this quite close to Christmas, and because some major festive chilling went down during the holidays I'm bringing this to you as the last little sprinkle of holiday makeup! I'd like to introduce you to the Christmas Nutcracker Suite (I remember watching the Nutcracker movie so often when I was a kid!) collection - designed to make you feel like a pretty ballerina. With lots of shimmer, purples and pinks!

Clinique The Nutcracker, Act II
Left to right: The four eyeshadows from the Act II palette, the blush in Plié Pink from the Act II palette and the shimmery Snowflake Dreams powder. 

This is the Act II palette, featuring silver & purple shades and a pretty pink blush (called Plié Pink). There's also a shimmery Blended Face Powder in the collection in the shade Snowflake Dreams - although it's called a Face Powder I'd only use it very sparingly it's quite glittery and would be better used on your collar bones and chest for some extra festive vibes, for example. And I just might've used it on my eyes for a cheeky bit of extra shimmer.. The Act II palette contains a silver, a dark greyish purple, a pale violet and a plummy shade, which are all quite glittery. Used together, these (sadly, in my case as I love plum) turn more purple than plum.The pigmentation is pretty good as you can see in these quick swatches, but do need a primer underneath to cling onto the pigments. The blush I really like - it's not too heavy but still pigmented enough for an easy healthy flush on your cheeks. The eyeshadows were a bit tricky to blend, but I found that they can be used wet too (I spritz some MAC Cosmetics Fix+ on my brush before dipping in the powder) and did just that to emphasise the crease in the look I did. The highlighter is absolutely gorgeous - it's a white gold that is just perfect to use in the inner corner.

Clinique The Nutcracker, Act II
Clinique The Nutcracker, Act II
On my cheeks I'm wearing the Plié Pink blush, worn over a blend of Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation & L'Oréal True Match foundation. It's so soft and pretty! On my eyes I am wearing all eyeshadow shades from the Act II palette, with a bit of Snowflake Dreams shimmer powder on the center of my eyelid. As you can see all shades together lean more towards the colder purple spectrum on my skin tone - I am not a huge fan of these kinds of looks on me personally, but if you're into purple then this is definitely perfect for you. The plummy shade used with warmer brown shades would definitely make for a whole different kind of plum - I do like to combine shades from multiple eye palettes when I'm doing my makeup. As a little something extra I am also wearing one of the new Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks, which in hindsight wasn't such a good idea as once again I have the worst chapped lips ever (thanks, Winter). The result could've been way worse judging the state my lips are in, but I definitely have to give these another spin later on. On my lips is the shade Matte Suede.

Et voila, just like that we're now ready for Spring, Summer, warm sunny holidays and margaritas! Now that Christmas is over (still sobbing), I am so ready for the weather to turn bright and sunny again. Yes please!

Courtesy of Clinique:
Clinique Blended Face Powder (comes with a brush): €34,15 (limited edition)
Clinique The Nutcracker Act II Compact: €51,70 (limited edition)
Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick - €23.80

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