Sunday Favourites #4

Sunday Favourites #4
I hope you had a great Sunday! I've spent this weekend with family & friends and also took out some time to have a quiet breakfast this morning, baked some personalised cookies and listened to great music. Finally coming to terms with the holidays period being over (I'm sentimental and reminiscent like that), I'm now really enjoying the days growing longer every day - I can't wait until the days it's already light out when I wake up for work. It'll make such a difference to my days & I'll definitely also get a lot more pictures taken! Let me show you my favourites of the past week.

#1.. Let me be honest with you - I didn't really 'get' this mascara at first. MAC Cosmetics Haute & Naughty Mascara is a duo mascara: you either twist the big cap or the smaller cap. The smaller cap takes up much less product than the big cap and is definitely the best one to use if you're not going after thick and clumpy lashes. I always use the smallest cap and apply two coats of mascara, which seems to work magic for me. The formula holds my curl well and lengthens my lashes too - it's great!

#2.. This one is not only about the pretty shade, but also about the great formula. I have horrible nails that don't keep nail polish very well. Even the best of formulas chip on me after two days. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (in Greige on this picture & in the previous post) though keeps up to four days depending on what I'm doing (crafty afternoons always equal a new mani), which is a great achievement!

#3.. I got this super cool custom cookie cutter as a gift from friends, it can personalised with whichever text you feel like. After some trial and error (turns out positioning these the right way can be a little tricky if you don't pay attention) I ended up with these yummy vanilla & chopped hazelnut cookies. I definitely need a little practice, but as long as you can read the text & they taste great I am happy!

#4.. The prettiest launch this Spring by far is definitely the Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush by Guerlain. It has found a well loved spot between my other Météorites tubs. It leaves the most beautiful pink radiant flush on your cheeks and lasts all day on me. A full article is coming soon!

#5.. I don't use the Burberry Fresh Glow Compact Foundation as a foundation as I really don't like the effect of a full face of powder foundation; I rather apply it as a setting powder. With a light hand I sweep a small amount of product with a big angled powder brush across my face to prevent my liquid foundation from fading too quickly. I used to love a matte finish, but these days I'm all about radiance. That's exactly what this powder offers! And it also keeps dewy foundations from melting away.

#6.. My skin has been acting up again the past two weeks and I'm trying to keep a bigger breakout at bay. I've been gently double cleansing my skin and really like the Origins Pure Cream Cleanser as a second step. It's gentle enough for my dry skin that is enduring the effects of potent anti-acne treatments, but still leaves my skin perfectly clean.

#7.. Candles, candles and candles. My home would definitely be far less cozy without them!

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