A Smoky Poppy Affair With The Body Shop

A Smoky Poppy Affair With The Body Shop
Confession: I'm not a big fan of very musky scents to wear as a perfume. But when it comes to using them in the bath or as a scrub and body lotion.. YAS! I am completely hooked. The Body Shop Smoky Poppy is exactly that. It's smoky. It's musky. It's powerful. Some say it opens like YSL's Opium, others say it resembles it but is much lighter and more powdery. While I was intrigued by the mystery of YSL Opium and loved the scent as a classic and iconic fragrance, I found it too overwhelming to wear. It's more or less the same story for this one - it's a spicy, warm floral scent that fills up the room. I know some women that wear these types of scents perfectly, so it's all a matter of personal preferences. As a comparison: if there were to be a Summer edition of Smoky Poppy, I would probably wear it. If that makes any sense. How strange is it through that I am absolutely hooked on the bath bombs and poppy seed scrub? These aren't as overwhelming and make for the perfect relaxed atmosphere when I am taking a bath. Smoky fragrance & bath lovers unite: this is a release you won't want to miss!

A Smoky Poppy Affair With The Body Shop
The Poppy Seed Body Scrub is formulated with real poppy seeds that'll thoroughly exfoliate your skin. The texture is a bit different than other The Body Shop scrubs I've tried: it feels lighter in texture for some reason, although the scrubby bits are definitely rougher than usual. My skin feels super soft afterwards, and not too dry. The Bath Bombs are also formulated with real poppy seeds (check it out in this picture on my Instagram!) and are super fun. I hope The Body Shop will add bath bombs to their line-up more often from now on! You get six in one package, and I find that one is more than enough for one bath. These won't turn your bath all foamy or glittery though - this is a decent fragranced bath bomb, minus all the (unnecessary?) extras.

In the line-up of this collection you'll also find a body butter, massage oil, an eau de toilette and a few makeup items which are limited edition. The most fun product of the makeup line is definitely the little Poppy Blush Brush (I wouldn't use it to apply blusher though), you can find a good picture comparing it to a Japanese flower brush on my Instagram here. This would be the perfect touch-up powder brush to carry with you in your bag, or a pretty little kawaii thing to decorate your vanity table with! Another nifty thing is the Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick in  this strange universal black shade. It'll turn a different shade of poppy red on your lips and cheeks according to your skin's PH level. On my skin it turned more towards the berry side, which is very pretty! There are also two little palettes in the collection, but I find them too colourful for my liking. If you're into bright colours though.. I also have a some good news for Belgian shoppers! Love Your Body™ Club-members now receive 25% off on their Smoky Poppy purchase. I'm not sure how long it's valid, but there you go!

Courtesy of The Body Shop: 
Poppy Seed Scrub - €15,00 for 200ml
Bath Bombs - €12,00 for 6x50grams 
Eau De Toilette - €14,00 for 50ml
Poppy Blush Brush - €16,00 (limited edition)
Universal Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick - €14,00 (limited edition)

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