S.O.S. Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips S.O.S.
It's that time again.. It's been cold out for a couple of months now with icy winds, snowy days and central heating happening everywhere. It doesn't only make maintaining your skin a difficult task, but it's also a strain for your lips. I have horrible chapped lips every Winter and it's always quite the task to keep them looking somewhat healthy. With the first secret being regular scrubbing (I use this delicious bubblegum flavoured sugar scrub - you can easily make one yourself), the second secret is good moisturising products that you apply daily. Just like you wouldn't go a day without a proper serum and day cream, you shouldn't forget treating your lips either. I use special targeted products for day wear and night wear, so you could say that I'm quite the lip care product aficionado. So when these revamped Rituals lip products landed on my desk.. I was pretty happy.

Chapped Lips S.O.S.
Rituals revamped their lip care line with pretty packaging and launched a bunch of them in the Oriental Kiss collection. I got three of them to try out, of which the blue tube Lip Service immediately made its way to my handbag and hasn't left it since. It's the perfect lip care in a tube for on the go: formulated with bees wax, almond oil and shea butter it moisturises, hydrates and repairs your lips. And to top that all off it leaves a pretty transparent glossy glow too! I also received La Vie En Rose which is a pretty rose coloured gloss, and Eve's Kiss which has a sweet apple flavour. They aren't my top picks from the line as I'm more about total repair & care during these cold months, but I have a friend that swears by the green tube that'll be quite happy when I hand her over mine. We were on a coffee date when we suddenly both dug out our Rituals glosses - I am always happy to see which products my friends use as these types of choices can be quite personal. I definitely found a Winter time BFF in the Rituals Lip Service.

Courtesy of Rituals
All glosses retail for €8,50 for 11ml

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