The 30 Second Smooth Skin Wonder

The 30 Second Smooth Skin Wonder
New skin in a bottle. That's what Garancia calls their much raved about Pschitt Magique. And it's kinda true, as the product quickly and effectively gets rid of dead skin cells. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking bright. All of that in just 30 seconds.. What kind of sorcery is this? It does have the word 'magic' in its name after all..

Pschitt Magique is formulated with a lot of good stuff. There's a selection of six highly concentrated botanical extracts - organic rose floral water, organic cornflower floral water, organic witch hazel floral water, organic green tea extract, cucumber pulp & fresh lemon juice extract - in the formula, that work their goodness alongside a highly effective enzyme that has tested to be twice as effective in exfoliating as glycolic acid.  Together these make for the 'Micropeeloff X3' ingredient (is it just me or would you also pick a way quirkier name for it?) that is the patented source of magic in this product.

You could use this in either your morning or evening routine, but I like using this the most in the morning. I'm always in a huge rush in the morning, but 30 seconds is pretty easy to squeeze in during even the craziest mornings. I use it after softly cleansing my skin with micellar water, and skip right to toner and lotion after. My skin feels silky smooth after every use and I feel like it makes my skin look brighter and better prepared for makeup. You need two to three pumps for every use - that way a bottle of 100ml should last you about two months if you use it daily. I've been using my two small free sample sized bottles (one I got in a beauty box & the other I got from Farmaline) of which I already finished one, but I've also seen slightly bigger travel sized bottles of 30ml that you can buy if you'd rather test it out first. I also just noticed that Farmaline is now also doing a promotion where you get a free little Garancia introduction kit with a Garancia purchase, so that's a great opportunity to try out some other bits & bobs by the brand as well!

Prices at Farmaline at the time of publishing:
Garancia Pschitt Magique 100ml - €26,10
Garancia Pschitt Magique 30ml - €15,75

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