The Benefits Of Scalp Exfoliating

Kérastase Chronologiste Exfoliating Care Scalp Hair
Let's be honest: it doesn't sound too appealing when you read about exfoliating your scalp. For some reason we're completely fine with using different kinds of scrubs on our feet, legs, body and face - but we often forget about the scalp. Not only does it feel relaxing (this is the best excuse for a good scalp massage), it also has a lot of benefits for your hair! Kérastase is adding three new products to their Chronologiste line, including the Revitalizing Exfoliating Care for Scalp & Hair.

This scalp scrub is formulated with abyssine (a molecule discovered in the volcanic faults of the Pacific Ocean) for in-depth nutrition, vitamin F that will cleanse thoroughly & a blend of camellia, amia, argan & maize oils that'll nourish the hair and add shine. I add it to a few partings in the hair and then like to give myself a 5-minute scalp scrub. Do try not to get too many tangles in your hair though - so try to massage in the same motion and massage area by area. The scrubbing will take away all the product build-up since your last scrub or detox shampoo, which will unclog pores and eventually prevent excessive hair loss. It'll also stimulate your scalp and blood-flow & this way will encourage hair growth. My hair feels incredibly light-weight afterwards, it makes your realise how much sense a hair scrub makes! I did go a little overboard with the massage bit the first time using it, which resulted in a lot of knots in my hair that needed to be carefully combed out. That's why I do like to use a deeply nourishing hair mask on the lengths of my hair afterwards, to ensure that detangling my hair goes as smooth as possible without any unnecessary hair breakage. There aren't that many scalp scrubs out there yet, but if you're looking for one you can usually find them in hair salons, such as this one by Kérastase. Kiehl's also carries one and the BIG shampoo by Lush has big chunks of sea salt in it that'll exfoliate too (thanks for the tip, Lys!). I'm sure more brands will follow; and you could also make one yourself too using sugar and conditioner.

Courtesy of Kérastase
Kérastase Revitalizing Exfoliating Care for Scalp & Hair - €36,00 for 200ml

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