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I haven't been posting much, I know.. Life and work have been so hectic! To top it all off the weather was just plain horrible this past weekend, so I got very few pictures taken.. I am eager for the sun to decide to grace us with its shining presence on a weekend day (it's just plain cruel when you wake up to a sunny Monday morning after a horrible weekend), so I can take some pictures I badly need for a few posts I have planned. In the meanwhile though you can find me on Instagram where I've been posting much more often than before. Here are some things I've already posted about that haven't made the blog yet! They urgently deserve some loving.. Especially my little family of Tsum Tsum that seems to keep growing every week!

Aren't these little Tsum Tsum the cutest? In the meanwhile I have twelve of these and I am not planning to stop collecting them any time soon.. On my wishlist now are a few that are Japan exclusive, but that makes the hunt even more exciting! I've also been loving this beautiful My Paris palette by Lancôme. It features six beautiful nude shades that are right up my alley, but also three bolder blue/grey shades that will spice up your daytime nude look effortlessly.

Stressy work times call for.. relaxing baths! This new Stress-Fix creme cleansing oil by Aveda is super relaxing - it smells like lavender and immediately makes me think of a relaxing visit to the spa. I now use it in my shower to ease into the day in the mornings. Sometimes I'm all stressed out even before the day has started, so I can sure use it! These adorable Bambi slippers won't easily stress me out though, they're too cute for words!

Last month I went to Disneyland Paris with my girlfriends and we had such a good time. Sometimes all you need is a weekend off with your your BFF's you've had since high school. I love these girls like family! I also went to London last weekend with my love and we spotted these delicious Dum Dum donuts. They are baked instead of fried, which makes them a little more guilt free.. So yum!

I've been going a little flower crazy lately and have been religiously going to the local flower market on Sunday morning. You can follow my weekly bouquets on Instagram. Little spoiler: these days it's mostly tulips you're seeing.. I am waiting impatiently for the peonies season to kick off though! Lastly I've also been a little crazy about this delicious snack: apple wedges with crunchy all-natural peanut butter. SO GOOD.

Find me on @minnebelle on Instagram for more daily peeks into my life. And I promise to have a few posts for you ready here this week still. So much to share! Coming your way soon..

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