Benefit's Roller Lash: Worth The Hype?

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Rewind to a couple of months ago: this new Roller Lash mascara by Benefit was being hyped everywhere. ELLE UK gave a free small sample with their March issue and when I went to buy one they were all sold out, so I had to wait a little longer than I first thought to try this one out.. This new mascara promises big bold lashes thanks to a new spiffy formula and a very special wand.. And most importantly there's also the promise that you'll never need to use a lash curler again!

Benefit Roller Lash Closeup
So what makes this mascara stand out between all the other mascara launches and become a total hype? The brush. It's been designed with Velcro rollers in mind, so the bristles on the brush are slightly curved in order to cling onto each and every lash and curl them while pulling them up. It's advertised that you won't need a curling wand ever again! Personally I still like to use one for achieving an OMG super curl, but I've also tried this mascara without curling wand and it's absolutely true: this one curls like not many mascaras can and most importantly.. it keeps the curl stay put all day! The formula also contains Provitamin B5 & Serin, two ingredients that should condition your lashes. It's also easy to take off with micellar water in the evening, although a bi-phase makeup remover will be the quickest and easiest way to take this one off.

Benefit Roller Lash On Eyes
Hello there, super curl! I find the brush wand easy to use, although I do definitely need to scrape of some excess product to achieve the very best results. I totally warned you here! I feel like one coat is already enough for a pretty effect, but in the picture I've used two on my top lashes just to see how much oomph this formula gives. You can use this mascara on your bottom lashes too, but it's best to do so with the remaining mascara left on your wand after applying mascara on your top lashes - otherwise it'll get a little clumpy. The wand won't exactly separate your lashes, but doesn't turn your lashes into one thick lash either. Little side note: I'm still in the process of growing out my eyebrows, so please don't mind the state of them.

After a whole day at work my curl is still there and there are no mascara smudges to be found anywhere... So yep, this one definitely lives up to its hype! Honestly speaking I'd like this mascara even more if there'd be a little less product on the wand so I wouldn't have to scrape off excess mascara myself, but hey.. that's the only flaw I could find!

Courtesy of Benefit
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - €25,00
Available in Galleria INNO in Belgium (also online!)

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