Have you ever tried.. a solid hair serum?

Some things are reinvented a hundred times, but this one.. it's new for me. I know LUSH does some solid hair shampoos and other green brands might also do these, but I haven't personally tried any solid hair products up until this little one came along. I'm talking about the Kérastase Elixir K Ultime Solid Serum. I absolutely love the different hair oils Kérastase does (I can't even pick a favourite!) and this solid serum contains no less than a blend of 15 different oils. That makes it the most powerful blend of goodness Kérastase has to offer.

The texture is quite balmy so when you warm the product up between your fingers it'll transform into an oil. It's not very thick and is absorbed quite quickly by my hair - I find it the perfect serum to apply in the morning after styling my hair, but also for touch-ups during the day. While I wouldn't carry a full sized hair oil with me, I would definitely put this one in my bag as it's small enough to take with me and I wouldn't have to worry about an oily serum leaking into my handbag. Warming up the product takes a little more time than when you're using a liquid serum, but we're not even talking about a minute here.. If you're looking for an easy product to tame frizz on the go and in the meanwhile also take proper care of your hair, this one seems to be a pretty good option!

Courtesy of Kérastase:
Kérastase K Ultimate Solid Serum: €29,50 for 18 grams

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