The Close-up: Dior Addict Tie Dye

Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipsticks Nude Fever & Red Bliss
Major raving was already done on the Dior Tie Dye collection and more specifically the Tie Dye blush in my previous post, but the Dior Addict Tie Dye lipsticks definitely deserve to be raved about too. The packaging is pretty rad: the tubes have a metallic tie dye look that you notice as you move the lipstick around. The lipstick bullet is even cooler: it has a contrasting colour in the middle of the product, in the shape of the Christian Dior initials. I thought it would be just a little imprint on the surface - but it actually runs through the whole lipstick! And then let's talk about the formula.. You know how much I love those balmy lipsticks and this is one of those nearly perfect sheer lipstick formulas. Yep, I'm raving again..

Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipsticks Swatch Lips Red Bliss
Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipstick in Red Bliss 

Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipsticks Swatch Lips Nude Fever
Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipstick in Nude Fever 

I have the shades Red Bliss -which is actually quite pink on me- and Nude Fever, a beautiful bronzy nude. Nude Fever has made it to my handbag numerous times and is currently living there pretty much full time - it's definitely one of my current go-to daily lipsticks now! The pigmentation is very buildable - just one swipe will give you a nice hint of colour, but I like to go over my lips a second time for an extra punch of colour. The lipsticks do get into those dry lines on my lips just a little, but in all honesty it's not even that noticeable when I look into the mirror. I get a good two or three hours wear out of each application, depending on whether I've been eating and drinking of course. The formula feels very moisturising and not sticky at all - it's definitely fuss free! 

Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipsticks
Dior Tie Dye Addict Lipsticks Swatches Nude Fever & Red Bliss Swatches of Nude Fever and Red Bliss in sunlight (unlike the other pictures that were taken in natural daylight)

In Belgium there are no less than six of these lipsticks to be found in stores, that's two more than in other countries such as the United States. There are also four Fluid Sticks in the line-up, although I do like the Dior Addict formula a lot more as there's less fuss and they feel more hydrating. Personal preferences, of course! I find these limited edition items to be special little luxuries to always carry with you in your handbag. I often read about the difficulties you have when having to dip into a new product with a pretty pattern and in this case you can apply without any guilt. The pretty pattern is there to stay!

Courtesy of Dior:
Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick - €36,90 for 3,5 grams (limited edition)

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