The New Lippie: Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter

Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Framboise Griffée
Time for a little confession: I'm not a big fan of the fussy lippie. I'm all for creamy, balmy lippies that don't need a lot of concentration, several brushes and concealer to finish my look. I don't always have the patience and I munch/drink (tea, duh!) too much for those - when I wear them I am super conscious of how I'm looking and need to reapply often. But those balmy lipsticks though.. they're much easier and easy-going. Givenchy knows what's up and is launching a new balmy lipstick called Le Rouge-A-Porter, with the same gorgeous studded black leather packaging as their beautiful Le Rouge.

Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Framboise Griffée
The Rouge-A-Porter is a balmy lipstick that has a more or less sheer finish depending on the natural pigment of your lips. Mine are quite pale and "show" colours quite well, so these new lippies are not super sheer on me. I could wear them a little sheerer by applying it a little less generously, but with this beautiful colour how could I not..? There are sixteen colours in the collection which are pretty much all the kind of shades you can wear anywhere - I am wearing 303 Framboise Griffée here, but I spy more beautiful colours I'd absolutely love to wear such as 106 Parme Silhouette (a beautiful nude) and 304 Moka Imprimé (a deep mocha brown). The texture is lovely - very nourishing and although not long-lasting, it sits through a meal more or less with still some colour left on your lips when you're finished. It feels hydrating and on top of that my lips look hydrated too - with a beautiful shine to show for it. My lips are always dry and the formula does cling onto some of the rougher bits, but it's definitely nothing dramatic and certainly not a deal breaker.

This new lipstick is definitely a very fancy daily lippie (as the name implies: the perfect lipstick to carry with you in your handbag) with this luxurious packaging with matching price tag. If you're fond of little luxuries & balmy lipsticks with a decent amount of colour payoff that you don't need to frantically reapply, you've found a match!

Courtesy of Givenchy
Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter in 303 Framboise Griffée - €35,50 for 2,2 grams

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