Hot New Chanel: Collection Méditerrannée

Chanel Collection MéditerranéeFlashback to last week: the sun was shining, the temperatures booming and the weather was easy. Perfect momentum to try out some hot red colours for Summer; because why not? Chanel's Summer collection Collection Mediterrannée is based on the roaring twenties at the French Rivièra and is sporting a new beautiful illuminating powder, some hot blue shades and a few new reds (that are here to stay - no rushing to the counter needed) as well as a handful of new limited edition Stylo Eyeshadows. The latter are the true catch of the collection that you simply must check out before they're sold out!

Chanel Collection Méditerranée Swatches
Chanel Collection Méditerranée Look
Here's a first quick look - I will still be doing a separate post on the Stylo Eyeshadow (in Caroube) and the Rouge Coco Shine (in 507 Insoumise) soon. My pale lips make the Rouge Coco Shine really stand out - this coral red shade is so hot and very glossy too, you're bound to stand out when wearing it.. It wears for about two hours before you need reapplication, unless you're eating/drinking and then ideally you'd need to touch up straight after. I've already quickly tried the vernis in Coquelicot too and it's a one coat wonder - a current nail situation post wil be up soon. The Stylo Eyeshadow also deserve a closer look: I've been wearing it super often since I got it as it makes for the easiest one-product-look you'll come across in the Summer collections. So stay tuned for two details close-up posts to come soon!

Courtesy of Chanel:
Stylo Eyeshadow in Caroube: €29,00 (limited edition)
Rouge Coco Shine in 507 Insoumise: €33,50 (permanent)
Le Vernis in Coquelicot: €23,50 (permanent)

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