Current Nail Must-Have : Sally Hansen Luxe Lace

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace
I haven't been into nail art lately, but with the arrival of Spring and the knowledge that great weather is just around the corner, I've been feeling quite playful again in the manicure department. When I received some new texture polishes by Sally Hansen in the mail I was immediately intrigued by the black Luxe Lace polish: how would a top coat be able to create a lace effect? The result wasn't very lace-like, but very much so still likeable! It's a little easter-like and reminds me of those Illamasqua speckled egg polishes that were a hot topic in beauty blog land two years ago. The Illamasqua polishes are still for sale, but you do need to commit to a shade and for those of you who like to switch often.. this top coat is the perfect solution!

The Luxe Lace top coat comes in four different shades, so you add a different colour of speckle according to your nail polish if you'd like. I really like these black ones - this would also look absolutely gorgeous and very sophisticated on a dark plummy shade or even a dark blue. These aren't glittery which is a nice change for this type of top coat! I added two coats on this picture but you could add more for added drama. There are quite some speckles in the formula so there's no need to get all messy in order to get enough on your brush - that's always a good thing!

Courtesy of Sally Hansen:
Luxe Lace Nail Color in the shade 840 Ruffle - €11.90 (Planet Parfum price - Limited Edition)
Complete Salon Manicure in 331 Enchante - €11.90 (Planet Parfum price)

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