Super Bronze with Givenchy's Summer Collection

Super Bronze with Givenchy's Summer Collection
Yay, we made it: today is the official start of Summer! While I'm busy getting my Summer wardrobe ready (sunny times better happen!), my vanity table is also undergoing some sort of transformation. I want that sun kissed bronzy complexion, that dewy healthy skin, those shimmery copper eye looks and preferably in the easiest & most long lasting way possible. Which is where experimenting with several Summer holiday collections comes in: 'tis the season for limited edition bronzers and everybody's got a different opinion on how we should flaunt it. Givenchy is joining the party with their annual Croisière collection and the theme is bronze, bonne mine and more bronze. Allow me to demonstrate.

Super Bronze with Givenchy's Summer Collection
Star of the collection is definitely the Poudre Bonne Mine, their famous bronzer that's available in three shades (four shades in some countries) and promises to bronze you up. The texture is creamy and easy to blend, and although I could've done with a lighter shade (I have 3 Ambre Croisière here) it's easy to build up pigmentation or keep it subtle if you'd wish.

Super Bronze with Givenchy's Summer Collection
Super Bronze with Givenchy's Summer Collection
Another Summer proof product that is not a newbie to the annual Croisière collection is the Mister Radiant 'Made-To-Measure Glow' that promises a weightless, glowing makeup base. You could even use it just on its own on days you're up for that nude look with a little bit of extra oomph. This water based gel holds tiny coloured beads that pop when you apply massage the product in, distributing glow and colour evenly on your skin. Even though the beads look quite pigmented, the effect is subtle even on my pale skin. Just don't go overboard and use too much!

Super Bronze with Givenchy's Summer Collection
In the picture here you see me wearing the Poudre Bonne Mine quite generously on my cheeks. I also used Mister Radiant as a base, although I'm not sure if it's super noticeable in pictures. You also see me wearing the Gloss Interdit in 37 Secret Nude, a beautiful nude colour that accentuates your natural lips with a gorgeous shine. The gloss is just a little sticky, but the most noticeable is the scent and taste: I'm not sure what it's supposed to taste and smell like, it's a little fruity sweet and quite strong.

This is definitely one of the collections to check out when you're all about that bronze and glow. I'm still to check out the pink nail polish in 26 Croisière Sensation, but I'm giving my nails a rehab moment this week so if I like it I'll probably feature it in a collective Summer mani post. All the new collections can be quite overwhelming; there's so much to try and love!

Courtesy of Givenchy:
Poudre Bonne Mine: €44,00 for 7 grams
Gloss Interdit: €28,00 for 6 ml
Mister Radiant: €36,00 for 30 ml

Exclusively available at Ici Paris XL in Belgium.
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