DIY Wax Tarts from Leftover Candles

DIY Wax Tart from leftover candles
It's Autumn alright! Even though I firmly believe that candles are meant to be used all year 'round, I know that a lot of people only get them out in the colder months. Nothing better than cuddling up in the sofa when it's dark out early with a yummy candle, right? I really like Yanklee Candle and Bath & Body Works - my two very favourite candle brands. Their candles aren't the most affordable though, so I make sure that I get the most out of each of them. When your candle is done you'll most likely have quite some wax left - the issue is that the wick won't burn anymore. Don't throw it away! Making wax tarts with the wax leftovers is so easy, and you'll get to enjoy those yummy scents a little longer.

DIY Wax Tart from leftover candles
The easiest and safest way to make these is to use your stove and to double boil (au bain-marie) in order to melt the candle. Basically you'll boil some water in a big saucepan, but your candle in the water and watch the wax melt. You don't want to do it any other way as glass can break when it gets too hot, you don't want the wax to create smoke as that isn't good for your health & you also really don't want to start a fire. If you don't feel sure about this method, or if you're underage, please consult a friend or a parent to make these together. When the wax is completely melted, you only need to put on some heat protective gloves, pour the wax into silicone mini cupcake containers (you could also use ice cube trays). This might get a little messy, so protect your table top with some kitchen roll or old newspapers. If you find other fun shape moulds, you could use those too!

DIY Wax Tart from leftover candles

And then all it takes is waiting. I just leave them out on the counter until they're completely set, but if you're in a hurry you could also pop them in the freezer. Just be careful not to spill anything! Wax stains are hard to remove. While they're cooling, I like to clean out the candle jars because they make for great containers to use for various things. I kept a Yankee Candle one to store the wax tarts we're making in - suits them perfectly, right? When the tarts are completely set you can easily remove them from the tray (the silicone moulds are the easiest because they just peel right off), you can wash the container or moulds but I wouldn't risk using it for actual cupcake baking/ice cube making again. Just keep them for the next time you've got a few finished candles!

If you're not a big fan of this method, you can also just lightly start melting the wax in the candle until the bottom wax pops right out. Then break it into pieces, remove the wick & you're good to go! They'll look a little less pretty,  but they do the exact same thing. Have fun!

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