If I could keep just one fragrance.. Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez For Her
I don't play favourites often. I switch up routines and products as the blog pleases, discover great new products on a monthly basis and declare true love when things really work. So dubbing products my absolute favourites when there's a good chance I'd find another favourite a month later.. I don't do it often. I gotta really know. But while I'm always going through temporary OMG THIS IS PERF moments with my makeup and skin care, I can pretty surely declare my undying love for my one particular very favourite fragrance. Meet Narciso Rodriguez For Her. It might as well have been named For Isabelle. If I had to throw out every scent I had but one, this would be The One without a doubt.

I have several variations of this fragrance and I love them all for their unique character and variation on the original scent. The fragrance was first launched ten years ago as an Eau De Toilette, in a black bottle with pink lettering. This scent is sensual, feminine & seductive. With musk at the heart, floral notes surrounding it and a delicious warm amber with vanilla in the base notes, I'd definitely call this a warm and spicy fragrance with a sweet touch. It's suitable for every occasion (or for when there's no occasion at all) and lasts for many hours on the skin. I'm sniffing my wrists as I'm writing this and can still smell it on me, having applied it about 15 hours ago.

The Eau De Parfum comes in a pink bottle with black lettering and brings us more of that amber warmth, with a sharper touch of patchouli. L'Eau is a lighter version in a pink bottle with dark purple lettering that is more floral and quite breezy, featuring less of that warmth and a lot less patchouli too. It's more appropriate for Summer, although I don't really categorise my fragrances by seasons anymore these days. Finally, the Musc Oil is an interesting one, I wasn't to sure how to wear this when I got it. It can be worn on its own although it's quite soft, it's actually on its best when layered with one of the other fragrances as it really adds to the intensity. My favourite of all the variations I tried remains the Eau De Toilette, but of course I like to get good use out of my fragrances and like to switch things up according to my mood.

I was really lucky to be selected bij Narciso Rodriguez for their "A Year With For Her" PR campaign this year and still cherish this amazing gift I got to kick off 2015 with, a black notebook with a handwritten note from Narciso himself. How COOL is this?! So yep, it's a love affair going strong. If my fragrance cabinet came to an end and I could just keep one perfume - this (in EDT) would most definitely be the one. Without a doubt!

Courtesy of Narciso Rodriguez:
Eau De Parfum - €78,80 for 50ml 
Eau De Toilette - €62,90 for 50 ml (Planet Parfum price)
L'Eau - €61,95 for 50 ml (Ici Paris XL price)
Musc Oil - no longer available (I think)

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