Quick Tip Before It's Gone: Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme

Givenchy Blush Forme De Memoire and Vinyl liner
A quick tip on this gloomy Thursday morning, before it's gone as the Christmas collections are hitting the shelves: Givenchy's autumn collection hasn't been extensively featured here yet, but the Blush Memoire De Forme in the shade Rose Delicate is a true must-have if you're into cream blushes. I hadn't tried it until last week (I only have two cheeks..) but I should have done so much sooner. It's beautiful!

Givenchy Blush Memoire 2
Givenchy Blush Memoire
The jelly texture is surprisingly easy to work with and blends out beautifully on the skin. Easier than some cream blushes I've tried.. And the finish is gorgeous too: semi dewy, but not that sweaty kind of dewy. You know what I mean. It stains a little on the cheeks and stays put all day - great for busy bees that head out early in the morning and come back home when it's already dark. 't Is the season for it..

Another honourable mention for this collection goes to the Vinyl liner that is also a part of this collection, it's jet black and easy to apply. You've seen it on my eyes here.

Courtesy of Givenchy:
Blush Memoire De Forme: €37,00
Vinyl liner: €33,50

Limited edition for this autumn, so do hurry if you're interested.

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