Guerlain Christmas 2015: Neiges et Merveilles

Guerlain Neiges Et Merveilles Christmas 2015
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. Well, almost! I can't believe it's already December 3rd. We're planning on picking up & decorating our tree this weekend, I can hardly wait for Christmas at this point. My boyfriend & I both started our advent calendars on Tuesday morning - how exciting! I'll be posting an update of the Star Wars Lego calendar my boyfriend has every morning on Snapchat, so do follow me if you want to stay up to date (username: minnebellesnaps) on our advent calendar adventures. At least as exciting as advent calendaring is exploring more of this year's Christmas collections, such as the Neiges & Merveilles collection Guerlain is doing. The pretty. The theme in terms of packaging this year is pretty much frosty white (hoping for a white Christmas here!) with a touch of gold, although that doesn't mean there is no colour to be found in this collection. In any case, this collection is as luxurious as it gets..

Guerlain Neiges Et Merveilles Christmas 2015
Guerlain Neiges Et Merveilles Christmas 2015
Guerlain Neiges Et Merveilles Christmas 2015
You've already seen this year's special Météorites Perles Des Neiges edition in my Christmas beauty gift guide article here - I would normally purchase it straight away, but having four tubs as it is I promised myself I wouldn't buy another one before I've finished at least two of them. Truth: I can bathe myself in Météorites for at least another two years. In the collection you'll also find a beautiful palette containing eyeshadows & blush (pictures on my Instagram here and here), lip glosses (check out the sparkly top coat one!), nail polish, a special edition Rouge G lipstick, Terracotta bronzers (yes, even Winter time asks for some bronze) & a beautiful finishing powder that comes in the prettiest compact packaging evah.

Seriously though, how pretty is the Météorites Voyage Enchanté? The white powder is mattifying but at the same time still leaves a soft glow - it's supposed to be a one colour fits all type of powder but I do believe this'll be loved mostly by girls or boys with pale skin like mine. The effect is quite pretty and almost unnoticeable, which is perfect for a perfecting finishing powder. I agree that the price is quite hefty for this one - I believe the packaging (which is a little heavy & so beautiful) is to blame, but you'll be able to buy refills of Guerlain's finishing powders that fit inside this compact for a much lighter price. So if you're ready to go out and splurge but still need one good excuse..

Probably not everyone is thinking about bronzer during the colder Winter months, but the truth is that I always wear bronzer. Each and every day that I am wearing makeup. With only foundation & blush on my pale face lacks depth and can look a little sickly, so I'll always warm my face up to add some life. The Terracotta Bronzer Powder Collector pictured here (shade 3) is quite a lot too dark for my pale skin, but the lightest shades work well for me. The Winter edition comes in this sparkly white silicone pouch that you can use on other Guerlain bronzers as well.

My personal advice for this collection? Get the Météorites Perles Des Neiges if you don't own too many Météorites tubs as it is. If you do and you really like Météorites and have the possibility to splurge a little, go for the Météorites Voyage Enchanté. Météorites products have never let me down!

Courtesy of Guerlain:
Méteorites Voyages Enchanté - €140,50 for 8 grams (refillable)
Terracotta Bronzing Powder Collector - €50,50 for 10 grams
Gloss D'Enfer 902 Reflets Etoilés - €30,50

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