Nails Of The Day: Orly Color Amp'd

Orly Color Amp'd
My nails have never been in very good shape as you know, although it's been going better since I've started taking hair & nails supplements (read more about those here). Either way it seems like mani's never last very long - some formula's do it better than others, but in general my nails seem to be a little stubborn. I don't want to resort to gel or acryl nails as I've been there before & it ruined them for a good few months after taking them off, so a different approach is in place. There have been a few brands launching formulas that lay somewhere in between a long lasting nail polish & a gel manicure: designed to last longer than usual with a gel-like high shine finish, but without the need of a lamp to cure the formula. Orly Color Amp'd is one of those and I just had to put it to the test..

Orly Color Amp'd Step 1 and Step 2
The Orly Color Amp'd range basically consists of 36 shades of Flexible Color nail polish & a Flexible Sealcoat you need to apply on top of the colours. Orly claims this mani dries in 8 minutes, which is 60% faster than a traditional manicure. It should also last up to 7 days, which is 75% longer than a traditional manicure. On top of that, and probably at least as exciting as the long wear & quick dry-time, is the smudge fixing technology.  While the polish is drying, any sudden dents or scratches will be levelled again. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those impatient gals that just can't stop moving around and doing things when my mani is drying. And even when I'm chilling out in the couch watching a series, it's pretty hard to keep drying nail polish smudge free.

I got to choose a shade and went for Infamous - a bit of a no-brainer for me as I'm completely into these dark berry types of shades and 'tis the season for it too. I quickly noticed that the smudge fixing technology is no joke, I messed up several nails and they all ended up looking perfectly levelled when dry. Genius! The drying time definitely depends on how thick the layers are you're using, I would say that it takes about 8 minutes per coat to be sure it's completely dry. The first one might dry a little faster, but after the second one patience is definitely advised. I also should've gone for a third coat (you can see some lighter patches on two nails), but I just really don't have the patience for three layers of colour. The top coat makes everything very shiny and glossy, levels out any dents that might've been left behind and dries fully in about ten minutes. I wore the mani chip-free for about four days, and then went another day by adding some colour to the chipped tips. Because of the levelling technology, these little repairs weren't too visible.

I did notice that after taking the mani off with nail polish that my nails looked a little more damaged than before. Since you can't use a base coat underneath, I feel like your nails have a harder time. However because the mani lasts a longer time, you'll need to use less nail polish remover and will be doing fewer mani's. I guess it depends on your personal preference. I will definitely use Color Amp'd again and might even invest in a few more shades, although I wouldn't use these all of the time to prevent too much damage to my nails. Colour me impressed, but cautious!

Courtesy of Orly:
Flexible Color in Infamous: €13,49 
Flexible Sealcoat: €13,49

Available exclusively at Di Beauty&Care in Belgium & on the Orly website

(Little gold studs by ProNails)

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