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You guyz, I have so much excitement for some of the new beauty launches that 2016 already has to offer. About some I can barely contain myself, they're that exciting! 2016 promises new cushion foundations, spiffy illuminating correctors, new budget makeup brushes, loads of highlight & glow, awesome nude lips (the Kylie kind) & good skin. And way more! It's been so long ago that I did one of these 'What's New' posts that I can't even find it back anymore. And since there's nothing more exciting than a list of new things to come for crazy beauty lovers like we are..

First up: good skin. Bobbi Brown is launching three new face masks and I am way too excited for these. The grey tube is a mask formulated for an Instant Detox result, the pink tube is called Skin Nourish and the white one will give your skin a Radiance Boost. What I am looking forward to trying out the most? Instant Detox & Skin Nourish of course - to be used in that order! These just released with Nordstrom in the US and are hitting shelves there soon, so I suspect Belgium doesn't need to wait much longer either. While we're in the good skin mood, let's talk about the new Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm. With one little pot to scrub those lips & one little pot to nourish them, these are a go-to combo for soft lips. I could definitely use one of these right now on my ultra chapped lips ('tis the season..). Just launched in the US, so hopefully making its way here soon too.

Next on the I-Spy-List: the perfect lightweight base. If we're going to ditch high coverage this Spring, then you'll be doing it with Chanel's new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation. I already tried it on a couple of times and oh my, you're going to love this one. Launching next week in Belgium - but no worries, I'll have a detailed review up here on the day before release. If you're after a healthy glow on a drugstore budget, you'll have to keep an eye on L'Oréal Paris as they're launching the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation in February. Not only do I love cushion foundations (exhibit here), but the packaging is way kawaii too. Oh, and there's a porcelain shade available for pale girls like me! To complete my flawless base I need some correcting because seriously, I have discolourations and dark circles like no other. Yves Saint Laurent is launching new Touche Eclat Neutralizers soon and I am dying to try the Bisque neutralizer, designed to correct dark circles & dark spots. Already available at Sephora in the US, so these should arrive in Belgium around February.

And then.. there's makeup. So many exciting launches! Can we still talk about the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette? I feel like the internet is exploding about this newbie, and very rightly so.. Don't forget about the new Gwen lip products either, I predict a little bit of a hype for the lip pencil in the shade Ex-Girlfriend. It's a Kylie Jenner type of shade, and that is a very good thing in my book. Available from February on with Ici Paris XL in Belgium.  More nude lips fun to be found chez Too Faced, sadly not available in Belgium but there's always the inturwebz to help out. Their new Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipsticks have just launched and I am eyeing the shade Chocolate Honey. So pretty. For an extra dose of glow you'll be excited to see the new Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens highlighters in stores soon. Launching on January 26th in Belgium, I feel like the highlighter in the shade Glowing Pink might just become my go-to glow this Spring. An article about new exciting makeup launches wouldn't be complete without a new set of brushes.. I am and always will be a true makeup brush fanatic by heart. L'Oréal Paris is launching a set of professional makeup brushes in February and I am very excited to finally see a set of seven drugstore brushes (that isn't Real Techniques) launch in Belgium. I'm hoping these are good! And to conclude, a bit of exciting makeup news all the way from Korea: Etude House just launched the new Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palette and I promise I'm not only in love with this just for the coffee cups & beans on the packaging. For fans of kawaii!

I'll try and feature at least a few of these on the blog with an in-depth review.. Beginning with that beautiful new Chanel foundation - some raving is about to go down. Watch this space!

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