New at MAC: Faerie Whispers

MAC Faerie Whispers
MAC Cosmetics are the masters of limited editions. There is no single makeup brand I can think of that puts out as many limited edition collections as they do. While it's great that there's always something to be found for everyone, it can also be a little hard to keep track of. While MAC has already put out their Christmas collections, they always release a collection for the new year too. The one this year features soft rose, coral & neutral shades and a lot of shimmer.. It has my name written all over it! Faerie Whispers is inspired by the secret and wondrous world of fairies & is the perfect collection for anyone who likes a good dose of shimmer and glow. The Foiled Eyeshadows are new to MAC as far as I know and I kinda really like the formula. There's no special fairy-like limited edition packaging to be found here (the promotional images would've been great to use!), but there are some pretty powder patterns to be found on the eyeshadows for those looking for a lil' something extra.

MAC Cosmetics Faerie Whispers Campaign Photo
The official campaign photo for the Faerie Whispers collection: so beautiful & dreamy!
MAC Faerie Whispers Enchanted Forest & Calypso Beat
The complete collection consists of one Beauty Powder, one Iridescent Pressed Powder, eight Foiled Shadows, four Lipsticks, four Cremesheen Glass', two Powder Blushes, two Studio Nail Lacquers and two brushes. Some dreamy promo words about the collection from MAC themselves: "Let your innocence roam free. Transcend seasons with charmed hues inspired by the secret, wondrous world of fairies. Eyes flutter impishly in new Foiled Shadows, in luminous wet or dry shades that flicker like morning mist. Feathery pinks for cheeks brighten the day, imbuing you with a spritely glow. Cast a spell with rosy metallics for nails and pearl-lit nudes for lips, spinning glamour ‘til the moon turns to sun." I couldn't have written anything as suitable for this collection myself. (No really, I couldn't. So dreamy!)

MAC Faerie Whispers Look with Enchanted Forest & Calypso Beat
Foiled Shadow in Enchanted Forest on my eyes & Cremesheen Glass in Calypso Beat on my lips
I do get what MAC is aiming for with this collection - I love the soft glow on my lips and the strong (but in a way still quite subtle because of the soft brown shade) shimmer on my eyes. These eyeshadows are the type that are great to be worn on their own - no fuss! You could also use matte transition shade into the crease if you like (it might be a good idea for hooded eyes), but I don't feel like it's absolutely necessary. The shadow lasted pretty much all day on me, while the lipgloss stayed put for a good few hours as well and needed touch-ups after a meal. I also found the gloss quite hydrating instead of just plain sticky - a total win for a lipgloss formula.

The collection is out on the counters and the MAC webshop since this weekend. I spotted the display in store this weekend and was a little worried when I saw that some of the eyeshadows weren't on display anymore. Luckily I checked with one of the representatives and they were just being used to show to another client - phew! Sometimes these collections go so fast, I can barely get my review up in time.. Online the beauty powders, blushes, one lipstick & one nail lacquer are already sold out, so if you're interested in getting anything I wouldn't wait too long!

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics:
Foiled Shadow in Enchanted Forest - €22,50 for 3 grams
Cremesheen Glass in Calypso Beat - €21,00 for 2.7 ml

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