Dior Spring '16: Glowing Pink

Even though the weather is horrible outside & I'd much rather crawl into bed and hold a long wintersleep for multiple days in a row (so srsly tired!), the Spring makeup collections have already arrived in parfumeries across the globe. Inspired by a Dior garden, the new Dior spring collection is a colourful party full of colour - some I find very wearable, some less so. Creative director Peter Philips was inspired by the beauty of Granville, where Christian Dior spent his childhood. The Glowing Gardens collection is inspired by spring and represents the lively charm & radiant glow of a spring garden in full bloom. Star pieces of the collection? The beautiful highlighters, of which I got the pink version to play with.

Dior Spring Highlighter Kabuki Brush
The Nude Air Glowing Gardens highlighter comes with a small kabuki brush
Dior Spring Highlighter Glowing Pink
The Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens powder is a beautiful, finely milled highlighter. It's not a glitter bomb, but a beautiful subtle powder that'll accentuate without being too overpowering. The powder has a beautiful flower pattern embossing - it's so pretty! There are two shades available: 001 Glowing Pink & 002 Glowing Nude. I think that Glowing Nude might be a little too tan for my pale skin, although I bet it looks absolutely beautiful on olive & deeper skin tones. Glowing Pink is quite versatile: it's very light but not too pink, so it'll suit both cooler and warmer skin undertones but might be a little too light for deep skin tones. It can be applied quite subtle if that's what you're after, but you can also amp it up by applying an extra layer.

Swatch Dior Glowing Pink Highlighter Swatch
Dior Spring Glow Highlighter Glowing Pink Look
On my cheeks: Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens in Glowing Pink as highlighter
On my skin it goes a little like this: a very natural and healthy glow, perfect for daytime wear. I apply this on my cheekbones, make a little "<"-shape towards my browbone (but not on the browbone) for some extra light & also wear it on the bridge of my nose. If you don't like too much highlight on your nose, you can also just accentuate the tip. The highlight wears pretty much all day through, although it will fade a little towards the evening as most highlighters do on me. I've been wearing this highlighter to work as it's so easy to use and hard to overdo. And sometimes when I'm all groggy and sleepy I really need something that's easy-peasy to apply and doesn't require too much precision..

Courtesy of Dior:
Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens in 001 Glowing Pink - €60.27 (limited edition)

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