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I hope you're all well. I took a little break from the blog the past week as I couldn't figure out what to say or write after the horrible events in my country. I don't think I'll ever understand how anyone could be so full of hate, while all I can feel is nothing but love for everyone in this world. Let's hope that love will prevail & let's start with always being kind to each other. Kindness & acceptance are key ♥ While I'm getting back into the swing of things, let's talk about rings and things.. I've been a little ring obsessed lately.

Rings Happiness Boutique
I've been a little obsessed with evil eye (or just eyes tout court) items lately, and I immediately fell in love with this evil eye ring by the Happiness Boutique! It got size 55 which fits a tiny bit smaller, so I'd definitely recommend to go up one size. I also got their heartbeat ring in a size 55, which fits pretty much true to size. As I've been all crazy about rose gold jewellery the past few years, I really wanted to continue that look & feel in my humble ring collection. The evil eye ring is a little more bronzy than the other one, but it's beautiful nonetheless! I've been wearing these non-stop since receiving them. I've been eyeing a few other rings (the roman numeral ring & the simplicity ring look so pretty as well) on the website to extend my collection, check them out here. They offer free shipping & ship worldwide.

Ring Imagin Jewels
But my very favourite ring is definitely this beautiful piece by Belgian brand Imagin Jewels. My boyfriend gifted it to me for Christmas and it hasn't left my finger since. It's just so elegant! Imagin Jewels has a few very beautiful ring designs and I've been contemplating adding one more to my collection to pair with the V ring I already have. This one is definitely joining my ring wardrobe for Summer & I'm considering getting this simple one too. And if I ever get married I really want a wedding band like this. Perhaps if I already get myself this one, I can dream away a little in advance..

The super thin mini rings on the very first picture come from H&M I believe - I got them a while ago so I don't think they're still in stores. I've also been browsing Etsy as there are so many beautiful rings to be found in the little shops on there, but I'm always afraid of sizing & quality issues.. If you know any great sellers on Etsy, other webshops or brands that sell minimal stackable/combinable rings like these, please do share!

Courtesy of Happiness Boutique:
Evil Eye Ring in Rose Gold - €18.90
Heartbeat Ring in Rose Gold - €18.90

Christmas gift from my boyfriend:
Imagin Jewels Ba V Ring - €49,00

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