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Rituals Ayurveda Review
Let's talk Rituals. Not only about my own beauty rituals, but also about the Dutch beauty brand Rituals. The brand has been around for 16 years now and has been slowly conquering the world. The idea of the brand is to change everyday beauty rituals into special moments by adding just a little something extra to the products we're using. A simple bath can become a spa-like experience with a good candle, the right bath foam & a luxurious scrub. While I used to be quite conscious of all my expenses when I was a student, I've now really discovered the joy of these little luxuries. And Rituals fits right into that bracket. Their recently renewed Ayurveda collection is one of their most popular lines and I can totally see why!

Rituals Ayurveda

I usually like all of Rituals' body products - it's been a while since I discontinued using something of theirs before it was finished. Some scents they do I like and others I absolutely LOVE. Remember my rave about the Mandi Lulur line? That one is still my favourite. This Ayurveda line is definitely one I'd also categorise as 'LOVE' - the scents are is mildly sweet and very soothing, I love the composition.

The Himalaya Scrub is a rough salt scrub that leaves a soft fragrant layer of oil behind - my favourite kind! The Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream is very thick and nourishing (as the name says!) and will leave your skin hydrated for a long while, as well as gently fragranced. The shower foams are a well loved product and this Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel is no different. And it smells so gorgeous too! Just be careful you don't use too much - a little foam goas a long way, especially if you're using a shower puff. If you're a huge fan of the scent (*raises hand*) you can go all out with the Chakra Water which can be used as a fragrant mist on yourself or on your bed sheets before you go to bed. So good!

Courtesy of Rituals:
Yogi Flow Foaming Shower gel - €8,50 for 200ml
Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream - €15.50 for 200ml
Himalaya Scrub - €19,50 for 450gr
Chakra Water - €16,50 for 50ml 

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