Recent Favourites: Skin Care Update, Shoes, Kiiroitori & More!

Recent Favourites Minnebelle
Whoa, I have been super excited about this weekend! I've been pretty tired after the switch to daylight saving time (yes, I'm a granny) & it's been really good to catch up on some sleep. I never really felt any effects of this switch before, but for some reason this year I haven't been sleeping too well since & weird dreams aren't helping me advance on getting more sleep either. This weekend has been spent mostly relaxing! I hope you guys have a relaxed and fun Sunday planned today. So grab a cuppa & let me talk you through a few of my recent favourites. We're talking makeup, shoes, accessories and Japanese cuties!

Recent Favourites 2
1/ I have been absolutely smitten with NARS' All Day Luminous Foundation. I picked it up in London while I was there for work in February and I haven't used other foundations much at all since. It gives full coverage, stays put all day & is the perfect colour match for me. I didn't think I'd ever love a liquid serum type of foundation this much.. But I do. Oh yes I do! Find a full review here.

2/ My skin is usually pretty (combination) oily, but during the roughest and coldest times of winter I go through a weird phase of having the most uncomfortably dry skin ever. It can feel itchy, dehydrated and sometimes also slightly painful if I don't take proper care of it. Apart from adjusting my skin care routine for these cold times (find a full article on that here), I also like to make sure I use the proper primer underneath my foundation to ensure it feels nice & comfortable all day through. I've been enjoying using Galenic's Ophycee Instant Unifying Corrector as it hydrates, preps and also lightly blurs my skin, making it perfectly ready for foundation.

3/ Winter has also been very harsh on my hands. I get really dry hands from early autumn on & it's a real challenge to keep them feeling comfortable & soft. I always have a small tube of hand cream in my purse, but also at home I try not to forget to keep them hydrated. Currently I have this huge tube of L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream laying on our coffee table - my boyfriend & I are both huge fans! I can definitely see why worldwide there's a tube sold every 3 seconds. It's very hydrating, but sinks in very quickly so it doesn't leave one of those sticky layers that prevents you from touching anything for half an hour. And I've definitely noticed the condition of my hands improving a lot since using it often.

Recent Favourites 1
4/ I've been eyeing Chiara Ferragni's flirting phone cover for a while now, but I've always refused to pay €15 shipping for a €35 phone cover. While I've tried to find it in a local boutique so I could get out of paying that ridiculous shipping fee, I didn't have any luck.. The one boutique I found in Belgium only sells the iPhone 6 versions. So when I saw this very budget friendly version by Pull & Bear in my Instagram feed.. I couldn't resist. I went and purchased it straight away! Find it here for €5.99.

5/ The Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream has been a true saviour ever since it landed on my desk. I trial quite a few eye creams since it's a real problem area for me - I mainly look for something that'll nourish the area enough to prevent creasing or dry patches when applying concealer. It sounds like an easy task, but definitely not all eye creams are created equal.. Trust me. I have been using this one on top of my regular eye cream right before applying makeup (yes, I go hardcore) and it's amazing. I kinda look at it as a primer for under the eyes as it moisturises, smoothes & de-puffs the area in just a matter of a few minutes. The result? No more dry patches, more natural looking concealer & less creases. I love!

Brogues Sacha
6/ I own so many sneakers (Vans being my very favourites), but I don't often purchase fancy shoes. Of course I do have a few pairs, but for some reason I always end up getting another pair of Vans while really I should be venturing out and building my wardrobe for fancier occasions as well. I was contacted by Sacha to select a pair of shoes from their webshop, which was the perfect excuse! They have a huge selection of shoes and the only hard task was deciding on which ones to get. I decided on these chunky lacquered platform shoes as they're the perfect match with a black skinny jeans, a simple top & a blazer. I will definitely get good use out of these!

Recent Favourites 3
7/ I am a huge kawaii fanatic & one of my very favourite characters is Kiiroitori from the Rilakkuma franchise. This little yellow chick lives at home with Rilakkuma and is just too cute. I have been trying to find a little Kiiroitori plush for so long now, but I never found one up until now! I was browsing the shops at the Made In Asia conference & spotted this little one between a bunch of other plush. Needless to say, I scooped it up immediately and brought it home with me.

And now I'm off to the flower market! I'll be working on my balcony today - getting it ready for spring time by giving it a good clean and plenty of newly potted flowers. Enjoy your Sundays! 

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