Nails Of The Day: Elegant Touch Polished Jet Black Falsies

Elegant Touch Falsies
A few weeks ago one of my nails suddenly almost split in two. When one of my nails cracks or breaks I usually just go for it & file all of them short. But this time it tore a little too close to the nail bed, so I was going to have to wait a little until my nail grew long enough to be able to trim the breakage away. I'm not one of those handy DIY girls who can make nail patches with tea bags (Google it!), so I opted to wear falsies by Elegant Touch for a little while. I had press on Polished Jet Black nails laying around & I ended up LOVING it!

Elegant Touch Polished Jet Black Press On Nails

The press on nail kits by Elegant Touch come with a bunch of nails in different sizes and a whole sheet of adhesive strips. It's a matter of matching each finger to an adhesive strip and a nail & then it takes less than half a minute to do each nail. I wore the nails for about a week, although I did have to re-apply the nails on my index fingers twice and once for each thumb. To avoid any embarrassing nail situations (like this one meeting I had at work where one of my nails just fell off - luckily no one saw it) I would definitely carry a few extra adhesive strips in my bag when I'm out. Other than that, these are super stylish and easy to use.

I've been contemplating buying a kit of clear falsies to glue on and use my nail polish on as it just looks so neat and pretty. I'm crazy about the stiletto type shape, I only still have to find kits that have short stiletto nails as I don't really like the super long ones.. Any tips you might have are welcome!

Courtesy of Elegant Touch:
Polished Jet Black - €9.99 for one kit 

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