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I've been really loving listening to podcasts. I used to only listen along with my boyfriend in the car, but now I've finally downloaded a podcast app so I can listen whenever I want. My commute to work is pretty hefty in the public transport department, so anything that makes sitting on a train more fun is welcome. In the meanwhile I've found a few great podcasts I love listening to, including an awesome beauty themed podcast by two cosmetic chemists that's been teaching me all about beauty products and has been debunking many ingredient myths. And yes, I'm willing to share my current podcast recommendations with you!

Favourite Beauty Podcasts

I'll start off with a beauty podcast I discovered a few weeks ago and haven't stopped listening to since: The Beauty Brains. Led by two cosmetics chemists, Perry Romanowski & Randy Schueller, this podcast talks about the latest beauty news and answers listeners' questions about products, ingredients and beauty myths. There's a lot of info on the inturwebz about cosmetics ingredients that are supposedly very bad for our health and (un)fortunately not all of it is true. It's great to hear two cosmetics chemists talk about ingredients and explain how they do or don't work - often it's not how the marketing talk or press release woud describe new launches. I'm still working my way through their archive of more than 120 episodes and am always happy to find a new episode in my podcast app every week.

Another very recent beauty podcast discovery is Fat Mascara by Jennifer Goldstein, executive beauty & health editor at Marie Claire and Jessica Matlin, deputy beauty editor at Cosmopolitan. They talk about new products, trends and insider stories with an infectious enthusiasm. They also feature interviews with well known and lesser well known beauty experts. Together with "The Beauty Brains" one of the current best beauty podcasts out there!

On my social media I've already talked about how big of a Gretchen Rubin fan I am. I love her book "The Happiness Project" and have been recommending it to everyone I know. I was very excited to discover her podcast and I've going through her archives and downloading episodes that seem interesting for me. She does longer podcasts together with her sister in which she talks about a few topics, but there are also short episodes of just a minute or two that give you a quick insight to think about. Especially when I'm having a bad day it can be very uplifting to listen to these podcasts as they often put life's issues and questions in a different perspective.

A very popular (and the most popular in the US) podcast is This American Life, a journalistic non-fiction program presented by Ira Glass which basically translates into non-fiction short stories that fit a weekly theme. There's a new free episode every week & I never miss one! Another popular podcast, by the creators of This American Life, is Serial. In the first season journalist Sarah Koenig explored the real-life murder case of Hae Min Lee, a high school student whose ex-boyfriend Adnan Sayed is serving a sentence for her murder. The podcast talks about inconsistencies in the murder trial and has you hooked from episode one - it's so addictive! The second season talked about the very publicised desertion case of Bowe Berghdal and is less compelling than the first season, but still a great listen.

I've been slowly discovering more podcasts and not all of those I've downloaded have turned out to be favourites I'd like to recommend, so this list isn't very extensive yet.. If you have any recommendations: please do let me know! Sharing is caring, right? :)

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