The New Thing: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Too much Vice is never enough. So why not launch 100 Vice lipsticks? Urban Decay just launched their most extensive lipstick lineup ever: Vice lipsticks come in 100 shades & six finishes (mega matte, comfort matte, metallized, sheer, sheer shimmer & cream) and have another 50 accompanying lip pencils that launched along with them. There are a bunch of new shades, a few old fan favourites & even some shades inspired by Urban Decay eyeshadows & eye pencils. I went to the launch party in Antwerp - in true Urban Decay style - and became an instant fan. I took home three very different lipsticks: one I'll never wear again, one I've been wearing daily and another one I'm keeping safe for special nights out. Can you guess?

Urban Decay New Vice Lipsticks
Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Launch Party  Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Launch Party  Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Launch Party
Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Backtalk Big Bang Disturbed
Left to right: Disturbed (Comfort Matte), Big Bang (Metallized), Backtalk (Comfort Matte)
I really love the packaging of these lipsticks - they're very Urban Decay. The old lipstick packaging got a little upgrade and it's fabulous: it's lighter than before, holds more product & I love the combination of gunmetal & gold. And how badass is the bullet shell inspired design? And the lipstick belts the makeup artists were wearing at the party even more so - I almost ran off wearing one!

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Swatches
Swatches from left to right: Disturbed, Backtalk & Big Bang
Apart from all those shades the lipsticks also got a reformulation. From the mattes to the creamy lippies, they're all formulated with aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba oil & abassu oil to keep your lips soft, and Malaysian illipe butter to moisturise. And I can definitely notice - even the mattes feel very comfortable on the lips!

Urban Decay Disturbed Swatch
On my lips: Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Disturbed 
Urban Decay Big Bang Swatch
On my lips: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Big Bang
Urban Decay Backtalk Swatch
On my lips: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk
If I tell you that I'm a huge fan of matte and strongly dislike shimmer in my lipsticks, you can probably guess that I am not a fan of Big Bang. It just looks very off on me - it's not my style. I did try it out for review purposes and found the pigmentation to be rather sheer in comparison to the huge amount of shimmer. Disturbed is the kind of shade that is so beautiful and perfect for a night out, but quite tricky to apply because it's so intensely dark & pigmented. Sits in lines a little, but I found it much less noticeable in real life than on these pictures. To conclude I'm finally ready to confess my extreme love for Backtalk: just how perfect is this shade? It's super opaque, creamy but still matte & the most beautiful mauve pink shade. Perfection!

Since my little love affair with Backtalk I've been growing a list of other shades I still want to purchase: Oblivion & 1993, I'm coming for you!

Courtesy of Urban Decay:
Vice Lipstick: €19,50
Exclusively available at Ici Paris XL in Belgium

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