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Beautyblender Liner.Designer review
I've been blogging with a bit of a slow pace lately: I've decided not to force a stream of words, but to let them come naturally whenever I really feel like sitting down and blogging. Luckily I've lost my words during Summer time when most of you are enjoying much more time outdoors and have less time to read this blog. And very rightly so! I've been feeling very energised by spending more time outdoor (even if it's while catching Pokémon) and soaking up the sun, fresh air and good vibes. Talking about catching Pokémon: I went out on a Pokémon hunt with some bad ass winged liner, the first time I wore a bold wing in what feels like ages. I kinda lost my wing way the past years as they would just never end up right, but I finally figured out how to use the Beautyblender Liner.Designer and finally mastered those wings.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer
The Beautyblender Liner.Designer looks funny and very familiar at the same time: it's basically a pink rubbery silicone plectrum, with different shaped and curved sides for different purposes. You're meant to use it to perfect your make-up: as a guard to keep mascara from smudging, as an aid for winged liner & supposedly even to perfect your lip liner & lipstick. I'm a little on the fence about that lipstick application, but this has actually really been a good aid for me to achieve that perfect winged liner.

Beautyblender Linerdesigner Review
Liner.Designer Beautyblender Results Winged Liner
My first attempts to use the Liner.Designer didn't really work out right: it didn't stick to my eyes, I kept dropping it and because it didn't stick it moved around and my liner was more wobbly than ever. Until I figured out that I had to actually warm it up in the palms of my hand & use it before applying foundation & powder. From then on it kept sticking like never before! Because the sides are quite long I could pretty precisely position it in accordance to the tail of my brows to make both wings positioned similarly & perfectly even. That was pretty much my main problem when I did a winger liner without this tool, I achieved a straight wing but they never ended up with the same angle or length.  Not anymore now though!

I feel like this tool is awesome for those struggling with winged liner, be it a struggle applying it with a steady hand or making the wings even. If you're good at doing your winged liner you won't really need this (no reason to get too spendy!), but I know more people that struggle with their wings than people who masterfully wing it so I guess this product can attract quite a following. And just like with the original Beautyblender, I guess it's a matter of time before the first dupes start appearing.. And that's just a sign of how useful it is.

Courtesy of Beautyblender:
Liner.Designer: €19.95

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