Chanel's Rouge Coco Stylo

Rouge Coco Stylo
A few months ago, along with their renewed nail polishes, Chanel introduced their newest lipstick: Rouge Coco Stylo. The formula and finish lays somewhere in between a lipstick and a lip balm: it's shiny, nourishing & smooth while still being quite pigmented. Admittedly I've been crushing hard on matte lippies the past year, but those can be quite drying and don't always fit every look - especially during hot summer days. These new Stylo ones come in pretty handy when you're after some shine & colour, but don't want to feel like you're wearing lipstick.

Rouge Coco Stylo Histoire Conte Review
Swatches Rouge Coco Stylo - Histoire and Conte
Left: Histoire - Right: Conte
Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches Lips
The packaging is really classy & sleek and great to toss in your handbag - it's not too bulky or heavy. Do watch out though when twisting the packaging to reveal the lipstick: I don't think it's meant to be retracted again, so it's not too easy when you're trying to do so. It's best to reveal just a tiny bit of product and gradually twist to reveal more as you're using it. You've been warned!

The formula is very buttery smooth, but still packs quite some pigment: the level should lay somewhere between Rouge Coco Shine & Rouge Coco, although some of the darker Rouge Coco Shines are also quite pigmented (like the ones I reviewed here & here) so you could pretty much compare the pigmentation to those. Of course as with any buttery smooth & shiny formula, the coverage won't be as durable as with regular or matte lipsticks and you will need to touch up after drinking or eating. Darker shades like Histoire will leave some stain though.

In short: if you love luxury lipsticks & the great Chanel formulas and are looking for a comfortable glossy but still pigmented lipstick to use daily, this is a great option and definitely one you'll love. There are currently eight shades available and I think Script would be my number one personal choice - it's such a beautiful nude colour! See great swatches of all shades here.

Courtesy of Chanel:
Rouge Coco Stylo - €33,10 (retail price at Ici Paris XL, not sure of price in other stores)

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