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Kryolan Lip Stain Review
I'm totally and utterly obsessed with matte lipsticks. I can't help myself. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon 100%, but I think I haven't really worn much else since I picked up a bunch of extra matte lipsticks back in May. Now that we're 5 months ahead, I guess you could say our love is pretty steady. My favourite shades are the nude & muted rose/brown shades. But I also love pink/mauve shades from time to time. My favourite one is Kryolan's Lip Stain in the shade Dance. It's the perfect pink mauve matte lippie!

Kryolan Lip Stain
Kryolan Lip Stain in the shade Dance
Kryolan's Lip Stain is pretty easy to apply: there's a little brush applicator that can be used very precisely, the product goes on quite smoothly and doesn't dry too quickly so you have some time to master the perfect lip before it dries down. The finish is completely matte, but not uncomfortable. I did notice some discolouration (to a lighter pink) happen throughout the day on the inner edges of the applied lipstick, but a quick reapplication on the area fixed the issue.

My only complaint is that the particular lip stain that I got seems to very slowly but gradually leak oil when stored flat inside my lipstick Muji drawer. I only noticed it when I tucked it away for several months after the summer because I was too smitten with other colours (that's how it goes). I haven't read this complaint anywhere else though, so I guess it's just mine. Luckily the formula hasn't dried out because of it and still applies beautifully too, so I'll continue to use it up. You just might want to check that yours closes perfectly when you purchase yours!

Courtesy of Kryolan:
Kryolan Lipstain - €21,30 each
available in Belgium through & in these points of sale

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