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I haven't been around here on the blog as much as I used to, I know. I've been taking a step back from anything I considered an obligation in my personal life - because work life became hectic and also just to check what the effect would be. I sometimes felt like blogging became one of those obligations and I felt sad about that. I love this blog and it started out as a hobby that made me happy, so I wanted to keep it that way. Sometimes you need to let go for a little while in order to pick things up again.

I've been really thoroughly enjoying spending time with friends and family, soaking up nature and fresh air & discovering what makes me happy. I discovered that it makes me happy to blog, but it makes me unhappy to feel obligated to blog. I realised that putting a certain frequency on my blogs did just that, while I never intended it to.

But I'm back! I've been feeling the urge to blog more creep up on me, like a habit I can't quite shake. A good habit that is! I have a few blogposts that have been waiting in my mind that I really want to write down, have a picture day planned this Saturday and have been testing some novelties that I'm quite excited about. I won't be sticking to a certain schedule, but I will definitely try to post at least twice a week. I've also been thinking to get into baking again and post more food things - how fun was that back in the day? Anyway, let's see where this takes us!

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