Beauty Advent Calendars 2016: The Loot

Advent Calendar 2016 Loot

I told you about my beauty calendar goal for 2016 and I was lucky enough to receive two beauty calendars  - one high end and one drugstore - to try out. How fun! I had never tried beauty calendars before as I always stuck to chocolate ones, so it was quite the discovery and very fun. But are these beauty calendars worth it? I was a little worried for myself especially because being a beauty aficionado, I already own a lot of beauty stuff and I wasn't sure I'd be needing a lot of extra small beauty items. But then again, it seemed like the perfect way to discover new things & treat yo self. Let's see!

Benefit Advent Calendar 2016 Content
Benefit's Girl O'Clock Rock pleasantly surprised me. A high end makeup brand and hugely popular, I was curious to see how Benefit would fill their advent calendars. Of course they added their stains & tints that have deserved a cult status by now, but I am also very pleased with the two mini mascaras (perfect for traveling!), a generous It's Potent eye cream sample (a little goes a long way) and the cutest mini's of Dandelion blush and Hoola bronzer. Even those these are mini sizes, they are still quite decent in size and will last a while.

Price: €49, within expectations for high end beauty 😄
Content: Great for Benefit lovers and not too mini 😘
Favorite item: the Dandelion mini blush 🙋

The Body Shop Small Advent Calendar 2016 Content

The smallest The Body Shop advent calendar (the green one) wasn't really to be considered small at all in my eyes. Whoa! 25 products, of which many full size. All products came in separate little cardboard boxes with a little text on them. I liked the little saying on the boxes, although some could've been a little more inspirational. I guess I'm too used to Yogi Tea ;) I really liked the content of the boxes too: only a few items I didn't like (like the nail polish as I don't like red), but that's down to personal taste. I've also made quite a few fun discoveries like the Face Wash Sponge which is really good & will be repurchased and look forward to trying out the Chamomile Cleanser. I was also really excited about the cute eye mask in the last box! I'd definitely recommend this calendar, although I do think there should be a calendar one size smaller for beauty fanatics on a smaller budget, as €75 isn't a small amount and might be too expensive for a lot of regular The Body Shop shoppers.

Price: €75, a great price for the content but might be too expensive for a lot of shoppers 😄 😓
Content: A great mix of makeup and skin care, mini's and full sizes 💖
Favorite item: the ZZZzzz.. eye mask 😴

Do you have any tips for beauty calendars for next year? Which ones did you love this year? Let me know on social media, by mail or in the comment section!

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