Easy Peasy Recipe: Speculoos & Raspberry Bread Pudding

It's been ages since I've published a recipe and I'd love to change that in 2017! So let's jump right into that resolution with this delicious bread pudding I made during the holidays. In Belgium we celebrate Sinterklaas beginning of december and every year that also equals lots and lots of speculoos. Speculoos is a delicious cookie made with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg & cardamom. The more traditional cookies will be spicier than the ones you'll find in supermarkets, but I like both! I had quite some traditional speculoos in my pantry, so to finish it faster I added some to my bread pudding. SO yum! Especially in combination with raspberries..

Easy Speculoos Bread Pudding with Raspberry
What you'll need for this recipe:

350 grams of (old) bread & speculoos (I used about 50/50) 
2 egg yokes
4 table spoons of brown sugar 
1 table spoon of honey 
1 sachet of vanilla sugar (or use vanilla extract) 
700 ml (two cups) of full fat milk (I used lactose free milk)
As many frozen raspberries as you like
A few frozen raspberries & chunks of speculoos to finish with a crunchy crust
Pre-heat your oven to 180°C

Speculoos and Raspberry Bread Pudding
I start by tearing up the old bread and breaking the speculoos into smaller pieces and putting everything in one big pot. Then add 500ml of the milk & mix well until most bread and speculoos has absorbed the liquid. Then add your sugar, honey & vanilla sugar/extract and again mix well.

Then it's time to turn up the heat. On a medium heat, warm up the mixture while stirring so it doesn't burn. In the meanwhile mix the two egg yokes & the 200ml of milk that's left in a separate bowl. Then add this to the warm bread/milk mixture, while stirring. Now it's time to add the frozen raspberries. Add as many as you like!

Prepare your cake tin/dish by greasing it lightly with butter or margarine and fold in the mixture evenly. Even out the top and add your little speculoos chunks on top. I also like to crumble a few frozen raspberries on top too for some raspberry crunch. Now it needs about 45 to 50 minutes in a pre-heated oven on 180°C.

Speculoos and Raspberry Bread Pudding Recipe

Raspberry Speculoos Bread Pudding Easy Recipe
After a few hours of cooling - or at least 30 minutes if you want a piece of warm bread pudding - this delish bread pudding is ready to be enjoyed! I like to have mine as breakfast (naughty, I know), as afternoon treats or even as a little desert after dinner.

Enjoy! And do tag me in your pictures if you decide to replicate this one yourself :)

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