New Hair Stuff: L'Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier

My hair & I, it's been a bit of a journey. I used to have long dyed locks and for some reason they never gave me much trouble. Three years ago I was seduced by the mid length hype, and I haven't had long locks ever since. Mid length hair means that I always have to style it, as my natural waves aren't really a pretty sight with the length I'm at. And along with styling, comes quite some heat damage.. There are only two things you can do to prevent styling damage: you either stop styling it, or you start consistently using products that'll nourish and protect your hair. I've been experimenting the past year with what my locks do and don't like, basically been alternating my extra care routine between the natural oil route & the silicone infused route. I love amping up my care routine with special night time treats, I like to soak my hair with natural oils (see article here), but recently I've also been introduced to the L'Oréal Professionnel Expert Nutrifier range and have really liked using their foamy Overnight Masque. On the very ends of my hair I've also been experimenting with the DD Balm from the range.

The Nutrifier range is aimed at hair that is undernourishedlacking shine and battling split ends. There's a special regimen that you can have applied at the hairdresser, but also a range of products to use at home. I've also been using the Nutrifier Shampoo & Masque which are both great choices to use when cleansing, but it's the novelty aspect of the Overnight Masque and DD Balm which mostly caught my eye.

L'Oréal Nutrifier Review
The Overnight Masque is a foaming night treatment that dries pretty quickly on your hair and is meant to be left in all night. It's not one of those night time treatment that has to be washed out in the morning either - if you don't use too much you can brush it out to reveal shiny, soft hair. Don't go overboard though! This one is formulated without silicones and relies on glycerin and coconut oil (in a smaller concentration) for its conditioning power. Retails for €17.60.

The DD Balm is a leave-in treatment you can use on both wet or dry that is largely based on silicones for its smoothing powers. This will leave a layer on your hair strands that'll protect it from outside forces and will tame the looks of split ends or dry ends. Moderation is key here though: this is only to be used where needed, on the very ends of your hair and not throughout the lengths. Retails for €17.60.

Cool stuff: the novelty of the leave-in 8 hour mousse 👌
Price point: not too expensive for a salon brand, but not super affordable either 😄
Price value: great for the DD balm as you don't use a lot, but the mousse does finish quickly 🙍

So does this mean I'm off the no silicone route? I guess so. I'm not sure - I haven't really noticed my hair getting worse after introducing them again, nor did I notice any major improvement when I went without. Definitely to be continued though! 

Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel 
(available at salons or at specialised salon stores)

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