Whoa: Dior DreamSkin 1-Minute Mask

Some mornings, you just look and feel like you haven't slept all that much. And to be honest, this is my story nearly every morning.. So when my skin is looking tired and dull but I'm rushing, I need products that work their wonders as quickly as possible. Makeup obviously does a great job (never underestimate the power of highlighter), but good skin is always the first step. Dior knows what's up and recently launched their DreamSkin 1-Minute Mask: a gentle peeling mask that promises a "new skin effect". All of that in just one minute?

Dior Dreamskin 1 Minute Mask
Dior Dreamskin 1 Minute Mask Review
"Dior Science has selected the best exfoliating chemical agents – salicylic acid (BHA), glycolic and citric acid (AHA), and flower acids – and have determined their optimal concentration to transform the skin in just 1 minute. As a result, the complexion is brightened, minimizing imperfections and boosting natural radiance." - Dior promising us great things on their website

The DreamSkin 1 Minute Mask is pretty easy to use: you apply a moderate amount of the gel to your skin in a gentle massaging motion, which makes it foam up to a thin white foam. It doesn't really give my skin any sensation - there's no burning feeling, but no slight tingle either. Leave the foam to work for about a minute, and then gently rinse off with lukewarm water. While rinsing off I already feel that my skin feels slightly smoother when brushing my fingers over my skin, but what I found most noticeable and remarkable is how much brighter my skin looks immediately after use. There's a real visible difference after just that one minute - whoa!

You can use the mask two to three times a week, depending on your skin's needs. I'd definitely also recommend this one before heavier makeup application as it'll make for a smooth canvas (ehr, skin) to work on. I have been using it about twice a week and have noticed these brightening results every time, although I couldn't say whether it has had a long term improvement of my skin already. It's a little too early to judge. I still have those days where I look like a ghost in the mornings, but I know what to do to tackle those moments.

Price: €57,90 at Ici Paris XL or Planet Parfum 💸
Formula: Non-irritating & works immediately 💝
Packaging: Easy tube for perfect dosage 👍
Results: Brighter skin in just 1 minute! 👰

Courtesy of Dior
Advisory price: €72,45

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