Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette: Hello Cheekbones!

I was so surprised when I found out that Anastasia Beverly Hills is available in Belgium, and not just in one or two specialty cosmetics stores, but in countrywide retailer Planet Parfum. I'll admit that I haven't been much of a Planet Parfum shopper the past few years, but it looks like they are changing their approach and I really like what I've been seeing from them the past few months. As with most other big beauty retailers they differentiate with a few brands exclusive to Planet Parfum, of which Anastasia Beverly Hills is one. I recently got their infamous Contour Palette & since I've been a little addicted to contouring lately, I was pretty stoked to try it out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette Light to Medium Review
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette Light to Medium Review And Swatches
Brushes pictured by Bisyodo. See review on the brand here
As you can see I've already gotten quite some use out of my palette and it's looks rather.. well, used. Perhaps I should've taken pictures before I started using it, but I just couldn't wait. And obviously there's also nothing wrong with a well loved and used makeup item. The packaging of the palette is a sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closing, which is not the best for traveling but hasn't given me any issues yet either.. Inside you'll find six shades. Three highlighting shades: Vanilla, Banana and Sand, as well as three bronzing shades: Java, Fawn and Havana. I do feel like the shades Java and Havana won't work for everyone with a pale skin: I don't really like Havana for example as it contains quite some warm red hues that turn the powder into a dark orange on my skin. I can make Java work as it isn't as warm, but I do have to be careful not to go overboard when dipping in my brush. I feel like this is a common problem with contouring palettes, but luckily this one actually performs pretty well as I can make 5 out of 6 shades work.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette Light to Medium
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette Light to Medium Swatches
Left to right: Vanilla, Banana, Sand, Java, Fawn, Havana
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette Look
On my skin I like to use Fawn as a contouring shade to "carve out" my cheekbones. I apply this directly under my cheekbones, on my temples working it into my hairline and on my jawline/chin as I see fit for the occasion. I use Java as a bronzer shade with a soft fluffy brush, accentuating my cheeks even more and warming up my face and neck to my liking. This one is also great to use on your eyes instead of eyeshadow, to add some depth to a nude eye look. You can opt for more or less bronzer depending on how bronzed up you like your look. Underneath my eyes I use a mix of Vanilla and Banana to both lighten and set the area. Finally as a highlighter I am totally in love with Sand: it is the perfect highlight shade for my skin. I use it on top of my cheekbones, on my nose and depending on the lipstick I'm wearing also on my cupid's bow. You can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes for a bright and awake eye look. After all shades have been applied I like to go over everything with a clean, big fluffy powder brush in an upward motion to make sure everything's blended well. Hello cheekbones!

Price: Reasonable for a high end brand 👌
Shades: 5 out of 6 work for my skin 🙅
Formula: Soft, pigmented & super blendable 💖
Packaging: A travel pouch would've been a nice addition 🚅

Courtesy of Planet Parfum
€54,90, exclusive to Planet Parfum in Belgium

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