Falsies, Greige Nail Polish & New Bling

My nails were having a good moment the past few months - hair supplements not only make your hair stronger, but your nails too. I was happily filing away when all of the sudden my bad nail luck came back and I had not one, but two nails tearing. Now I don't mind a short nail, but there tears were quite deep into my nail so just filing them down was not an option.. In come DIY falsies: I purchased a box a couple of months ago at HEMA after I saw a YouTube tutorial on how to get the perfect mani at home, and being mani-lazy as I am I had not tried them yet. And what do you know.. They ended up looking really pretty and elegant! Add to that new bling ring from The Happiness Boutique, and I'm all confident about my hands again.

& Other Stories Borato Greige Nail Polish
It took me about an hour to apply all the falsies, file them down to my desired length (why do all falsies have to be so LONG?) and apply two coats of nail polish and a top coat. That is pretty much stretching it with regards to my patience, but I had a YouTube playlist ready and just focused on the results while I was filing away. I love a round shape these days - it's so elegant! For the colour I chose the &Other Stories nail polish in the shade Borato Greige. Just how pretty is this shade? It's some sort of dusty mauve with hints of purple and grey.. Not easy to describe, but definitely easy to love! Polish doesn't chip on falsies - at least not on these, and I really enjoyed wearing this colour for one straight week long. After five days I had to replace three nails, they came off suddenly. Some of the other nails could have easily kept longer than 7 days, but I decided to remove all of them before more would start randomly falling off. True story: one of them fell of at the dentist. Major cringe!

Rings The Happiness Boutique - &Other Stories Greige Nail Polish
I'm still totally digging the rose gold jewellery look and recently got a new horse shoe ring. It's very delicate and fine, which fits the stackable ring style perfectly. I have been wearing it daily for about a month and a half and the colour is still the same - just remember to take it off when your hands will be in contact with water and you're all good! The shape does tend to get stuck in any chunky knits, so be careful when wearing those types of clothes. I shopped with The Happiness Boutique last year as well, check out that haul here. They offer a selection of affordable trendy jewellery, so you don't have to splurge on each piece of jewellery you buy. I'm definitely a fan of mixing more expensive and more affordable pieces.

Look: My hands look super elegant 💃
Price: €5 for falsies, €7 for polish. Much cheaper than a gel mani 💣
Formula: I love the nail polish! And the falsies are pretty sturdy too 💅
Rings: I already have a few other delicate ones wishlisted! 💍

Ring courtesy of The Happiness Boutique
Use the code 'minnebelle' for 10% off on orders over €19,00. 
& just so you know: this is not an affiliate code and I am not paid to add this code. 

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