"Les P'tits Bonheurs" of Le Petit Marseillais

A little everyday pampering goes a long way. I don't often go to the spa (I have commitment problems when it comes to splurging on a one-time treatment), but I do love to indulge in products that add just that little extra touch to my routine. For me, those little luxuries are often small things: like a lipstick that I proudly carry with me in my purse or a fragrant shower gel that turns my shower cabin into a spa-like experience. For some reason I always end up taking shower gels with me from holidays for example (exhibit here) - it takes me back to those holidays during my morning shower and I just can't resist exploring new scents. Le Petit Marseillais knows what's up and just launched their Les P'tit Bonheurs - translated: little moments of joy - range featuring four fragrant and nourishing shower gels to bring the sunshine into your bathroom.

Le Petit Marseillais - Les P'tits Bonheurs Shower Review copy
Le Petit Marseillais focuses on natural ingredients, true to their origins in the French Provence. I absolutely love the Provence, I explored it for my 28th birthday two years ago as a birthday gift from my love and was amazed by the beauty of its nature. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to head back one day. Anyway - back to Le Petit Marseillais. Their newest formulas are formulated with a cleansing base that is easily biodegradable, are pH neutral for the skin and have been enriched with a hydrating agent from vegetal origin. The P'tits Bonheurs range offers four different scents, all made of pretty much the same base formula with each time the addition of natural ingredients like honey extract, rose extract, coconut butter and strawberry extract.

Le Petit Marseillais - Coco  Le Petit Marseillais - Rose
"Ma Pause Coco-ning" is the ultimate shower gel for a coconut lover. The scent is great - not too sweet, and not too artificial. This formula is enriched with coconut butter, which feels quite moisturising and seems to leave behind a tiny layer of coconut goodness (which smells delicious too!) to prevent skin from feeling parched after taking a hot shower. "Ma Vie En Rose" is a whole different story: this one is for the lovers of rose scents. You might remember my brief episode of being all about rose scented products a few years ago - I literally couldn't get enough and layered rose scented shower gels, body lotions and perfumes to get the best rose kick possible. I've since toned it down a little, but I can still appreciate this delicately fragranced rose shower gel. As the Damascus rose extract (from roses hand-harvested in the Provence!) can have a calming effect, I'd suggest this one for rose lovers who take their shower in the evening.

Le Petit Marseillais - Strawberry  Le Petit Marseillais - Honey

"Croquez la Fraise à Pleines Dents" will enchant those of you with a sweet tooth: this super sweet strawberry scented shower gel is made with extract of gariguette strawberries (I had to look that up to: this type of strawberry has an early harvest and is super sweet) that were harvested in the South of France. During my early days in college I used to love these types of scents, but I must admit that I currently prefer scents that aren't as sweet as this one." Au Pays du Miel & Une Nuit" has the best name of them all and is immediately also my very favourite out of these four. Not because of the name (kudos to the marketer who came up with it), but because of the delicious and quite addictive honey scent. The mel extract, from honey harvested in the Haute-Provence Alps, adds an extra dose of moisture to the formula and leaves behind a rich and indulgent honey scent on my skin. This is the type of honey scent I like in skin care items, it's not too sweet and smells just like my favourite honey tastes.

Price: Drugstore affordable at its best 💖
Formula: Gentle and not drying 🍯 🐝
Packaging: Easy squeezy 👍

And just for giggles.. Does anyone remember this blog post from 2012 in which I recreated a Le Petit Marseillais shower gel into a pie? I made a Basil Custard & Roasted Apricots pie after falling in love with a shower gel with the same ingredients - check it out here

Les P'tits Bonheurs: €2,30 for 250 ml
More info about LPM can be found on their website

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