Le Petit Marseillais Express Body Sprays

I've had my eye on body lotion sprays for a little while now, but with my never ending stash of regular body lotions at home (the perks of beauty blogging..) I somehow never got around to testing them out. Fast forward to now: Le Petit Marseillais just launched their own Express Body Sprays here and I was lucky enough to get a little preview of all three varieties so I could already use them this Summer. Spoiler alert.. these definitely won't be the last that enter my bathroom cabinet!

Le Petit Marseillais Body Express Lotion Le Petit Marseillais is a brand that finds its origins in the Provence and has been using the sun-kissed ingredients which the Provence is home to in their products ever since they were founded in 1986. The Express Body Sprays are also based on these ingredients, with three varieties available today: argan oil and orange blossom, shea butter and sweet almond & rose petal floral water. The base formula of the product is each time the same with mineral oil & glycerin as the main humectants, immediately followed by the specialised ingredients mentioned on the bottle.

Le Petit Marseillais Express Body Lotion Spray Review
Using these sprays is pretty easy, although I do make sure I apply them on the rug in our bathroom so the mist doesn't end up on our tiles. I spray at about a 20cm distance all over the areas I want to moisturise - I mostly concentrate on my legs as they are drier than my arms where I have some acne around my shoulders. The spray is continuous, so you can keep spraying until you're done. Afterwards you can leave the spray to sink in like it is, but I like to quickly rub it in so I'm sure it's all evenly distributed. I was pretty eager to use these when I first got them: I left the bottles in our study right next to our bathroom and each morning I still skipped my regular body moisturising routine and went to get one of these sprays instead. It's definitely a time saver that I quickly got used to as a regular body moisturiser takes a few more minutes to apply and massage in. I'd definitely still use a luscious regular or creamy body moisturiser in the evening - but when you're rushing for work those couple of minutes really do make a difference (#alwaysrushing).

Le Petit Marseillais Hydration Express Spray Review
The Argan Oil & Orange Blossom spray is labeled as the perfect body spray for very dry skin and is formulated with argan oil, which is known as a wondrous oil that treats many skin conditions. Argan oil contains up to 50% of oleic acid, which is a fatty acid that is very rich and seals in moisture really well, making it perfect for very dry skin types. The orange blossom extract adds a delicate flower fragrance to the spray that lingers on very softly on your skin. This one really smells like summer in a bottle!
The Shea Butter & Sweet Almond spray is also labeled as a body spray formulated for very dry skin types. It contains shea butter, which is derived from the nut of the shea tree and sweet almond oil which is derived from the almonds we also eat. Both shea butter and sweet almond oil can contain up to 70% of oleic acid, so again this will be a great moisturiser for parched skin. This one has a soft, sweet scent, but nothing too sickly sweet like some almond scents (that lean towards marzipan) can be. This would be the best option out of both sprays for very dry skin if you like a more neutral scent.
The Rose Petal Floral Water spray is formulated for dry skin types and is a little lighter than the other two variations. It smells delicious but is definitely not too overpowering like some rose scents can be. This one is quite sweet, but not too much at all. Rose water is mostly known for it's antioxidant and beautifying properties, so this one is perfect for just staying hydrated throughout the day.

Price: Drugstore affordable 👛
Formula: Not greasy & sinks in really fast 👏 👌 💘 
Packaging: Easy continuous spray 👍 💨
Favourite: This time I really can't choose.. 😅

In collaboration with Le Petit Marseillais:
Express Nutrition Sprays: €5,99 (recommended selling price) for 200ml
Available at for insta,ce Kruidvat, Colruyt, Carrefour, Delhaize & Di

More info about LPM and this new range can be found on the LPM website

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